Termites in Houses

Termites, like other animals and insects, thrive in certain conditions. These pests survive best in a habitat that provides food, moisture and warmth. Unfortunately, once termites are in a house, they will move throughout the home, destroying the integrity of the wood structures.

How Drywood Termites end up in Houses

While all homes are susceptible to a termite infestation, there are certain entry points and conditions that can make your house an easier target for termites.

Decaying lumber or firewood near the structure could become an entry point for termites in your house, as they prefer to feed on decaying materials over sound wood. Termites are attracted to moisture, which could be found in the soil near your home or structure’s foundation due to improper draining or water pooling close to a home. Termites also prefer warm and dark places in houses, such as crawl spaces.

How Subterranean Termites Enter Houses

Subterranean termite colonies form and live underground. These termites will usually enter a house at or below the ground level but can enter a home several feet above the ground. Subterranean termites commonly enter houses through wood that is in contact with the ground. While wood porches and decks may be welcoming to guests, they can also welcome termites. Subterranean termites can make their way into a house through doorframes, porch steps or supports, decks and deck support beams. These termites can also find their way in houses through cracks in the foundation or holes in concrete blocks.  

Signs of Termites in House, Business, Boat or RV

There are different types of termites, which means that signs of termites in a house, business, boat or RV could differ. A few signals that a termite infestation has formed in your house include:

  • Wood damage behind walls, under floors and within wood furniture around your home
  • Discarded wings near doors and windows
  • Mud tunnels near the base and foundation of your home
  • Sagging or creaking floors, walls or ceilings
  • Small piles droppings or piles of feces that resemble pellets

Often, by the time that you notice termites in your house, they have already caused a great amount of damage. If you suspect a termite infestation, call A-1 Bonded Termite today at 714-502-9230 to schedule your free inspection.

If you Suspect Termites in Your House

If you suspect that there are termites in your house, the first step is to call A-1 Bonded Termite to schedule a free inspection*. Our professional termite experts will determine if there are termites in your house and recommend a termite treatment plan to eradicate the infestation.

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