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A-1 inspectors will customize a termite and
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Furniture can be infested by Drywood Termites and other Wood Destroying Pests including Powder Post Beetles. A sure sign of infestation in your furniture could be droppings of the color of the wood they have infested, fine powder, or small holes bored into the furniture. It is very important to have these Wood Destroying Pests taken care of before they cause severe damage to your furniture and/or infest your home.

Furniture fumigation services are only offered at our location in Bellflower, CA. The furniture is placed into a container or chamber that is securely sealed. Vikane gas is introduced to the chamber and the gas penetrates the furniture, killing all wood destroying pests inside. The furniture stays in the container or chamber 3-4 days and you can pick it up after the fumigation is completed. There is no residual left on the furniture and the fumigation process does not damage furniture.

We do not offer pick-up and delivery services for furniture pieces requiring fumigation.

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