Do I Need Mouse Repellent?

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A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. is here to answer some questions you may have about mouse repellent.  First, when dealing with any type of mouse infestation, make sure you seal up any holes or cracks that lead to the interior of your home. The best repellent is to not attract mice to begin with.  The key to mouse prevention in your home is not about chemicals and traps – It is having a well-sealed property. That will prevent future mice from breaking in. DIY pest prevention tips.


Trim back any bushes that touch the exterior. With little to no hiding spaces outside, mice will keep out of your yard.



Take Away Hiding Spots Outside

Check popular spots around your property where mice may be found.  This should be part of your regular outdoor maintenance routine: Check under piles of sticks, in bushes, within clutter, in garages and backyards.  This is where mice are usually found before entering your home. Signs of mice include droppings, bitemarks, and small nests (much like a bird’s nest on the ground.)  Keeping up with regular preventive control will help keep mice out of your home or business. 

Garages are ideal living places for a happy mouse family. It is best to have pest prevention in and around your garage, particularly if the garage is attached to the home or business.

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Mouse Repellent:Humane Traps and Alternatives

When mice make their way inside, they are not going to been seen, or even noticed at first. They are nocturnal and frightened when approached by humans. But the longer they are around you, the more comfortable they become being around you.  Mice may then make themselves visible, but by that time, they usually have nests with multiple mice in your home.  Mice make themselves fit through small openings and will going into vents and make their way through walls.

Placing humane traps around known nest will help catch the mice and A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc.  will take care of the removal.

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Attacking the nesting areas as well as cleaning up the mess left behind will also be a key factor in having a good mouse repellent.


Call A-1 Bonded Termite if you have developed a serious mouse infestation.  A mouse infestation should be taken care of immediately – a mouse problem is a hazard to your health and the people around you.

Clean up

Leave no droppings behind.  Mice multiply quickly and leave large messes behind. Believe it or not, mice prefer to be clean so they will move from nest to nest once it gets overrun with droppings.  They create multiple nests in homes that all need to be addressed. Be sure you have proper gear and cleaning materials when cleaning old leavings that need to be removed.  Old mouse droppings are arguably the most dangerous part of a mouse infestation as the dry particles become airborne and can be ingest/inhaled and cause people many severe health problems.  

A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. is always here to answer questions you have about mouse repellent.  It is a dangerous job but it has to be done and done correctly. Call to have us take care of any of these tasks professionally and efficiently for you.



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