Where Do Pests Hide?

A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. will help you figure out where pests do hide and remove them for you. Regularly, our professionals keep in touch with you afterward with ongoing pest control preventives.

In particular, we take action at the first signs of an infestation will help better control the problem. Paying close attention to certain parts of your home, both interior and exterior, helps you be a part of pest prevention.

When an animal of any kind enters your home or business, they only want either water, food, or shelter. If you provide access, then the new intruders in your home will not want to leave. A-1 Bonded Termite provides thorough inspections, so we can find all the spots where pests hide.

Cockroaches Run From Light

Cockroaches do not like to be in the light and hide behind anything that will cover them. Seeing one, unfortunately, means there usually are many more, because these pests do like to hide. Cockroaches take over fast and can make breathing a challenge with all the waste they leave behind. Additionally, food is not safe around these pests, because it quickly becomes infested with many of them.

where do pest hide? cockroaches found in kitchens
ants will come out of hiding for food

Find Ants Near Food

Ants are hiding, most often, in the kitchen. Usually around sweet foods or spills of soda/juice. The sweeter the food, the happier the ants will be to take back to the nest. Often, males will go out to find sweets and water for the queen.

The nest of the ant colony is most likely under the floor and baseboards. Sometimes large colonies leave an odor as large numbers of ants die and decompose within walls and underneath floorboards.

Have us help you control your ant problem and remove them from their hiding spots.

Bed Bugs Are Very Elusive

Bed Bugs cause most people stress and discomfort. If found, contact us so we can give you some relief.

When they are not hiding on the bed, they hide on the bedposts, under the box-spring, move around from one place to another, and even hide behind your wallpaper. Bed bugs are elusive hiders but leave behind evidence, droppings in the mattress creases. Blood drops on your bedsheets will also let you know you rolled over a squished one or two that were feeding off of you.

A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. will help remove bed bugs.

Bees and Wasps Hide In Plain Sight

Bees and wasps are mostly found in trees and around sweet-smelling flowers that they help pollinate. But too many stinging insects can keep you away from smelling your roses. Be careful with D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) removal of any hive area. Stings can be dangerous and painful.

Wasp and hornets like building their nests/hives on playground equipment, decks, and outdoor lighting.


Let us safely remove the bees/wasps and their nest/hive.

where do pest hide. bees and wasps built nest on anything wood.

Find Mice and Rats Anywhere

Rodents will be happy to find any spot in your space and turn it into their dangerous mess. Rodents, like mice and rats, do not have control of their bladders, and they make hazardous waste everywhere they step.

We find rodents in garages and all rooms in the house. Also, we even find pests in commercial businesses under the tiniest hiding spaces. Even where no “food” is present, rodents can eat cardboard, paper, insulation, and carpet. Rodents enjoy making comfortable homes within couches, stacks of boxes, and the back of cabinets. Mice and rats can chew and destroy just about anything in the house, so we do find them everywhere. Have them all caught before they nest inside the walls.


Rodents leave behind many signs. Here are some signs you may have a pest problem.

Termites Hide In Wood

Wood leading to your house can cause termites to infest your property. Termites can be there for years before noticed. Early detection from a professional termite inspection can save your home and wooden property. Termites hide in wood; Furniture and every ounce of lumber that holds up your house make a perfect termite habitat. We see termites most often preferring pine and cedar.

where are pests found. termites are found in wood with the queen

Photo caption: Females that remain inside the wood will force workers to help build her nest. Have A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. treat infested areas immediately.

A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. will send an inspector to have a look in the area, or areas, that concern you. It will give a better idea of how big the infestation is and length of time to treat. We will be looking only at where your suspected problem area is.

In some cases, the termites can infiltrate everywhere, or be so hard to control that the structure requires termite fumigation (more on types of fumigation). The only time A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. is performing fumigation, is when there is no other way to manage the infestation within your property. When using treatments involving pesticides, we use the most effective quantity and apply in the most eco-friendly methods possible. We guarantee to get rid of your pests efficiently.

Find out more or schedule an appointment with A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. today by giving us a call or by filling out our contact form to speak to one of our specialists.