What Gets Rid of Termites Naturally

Termites are a detriment to have in your home at any time. They build intricate colonies that will silently infest a home without your knowledge. These colonies work for one purpose, to survive. These insects can survive by consuming the cellulose found in the same wood holding up your home.

They are notorious for causing damages to a home that result in expensive treatments and repairs. Treating termites can prove to be difficult but not impossible. The available options for natural termite treatments vary greatly, but not all promise to eliminate the colonies. Below are some options for natural remedies to remove a termite colony from your home.

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sprinklers away from home to prevent termites


Though this may not get rid of termites, taking preventative measures will reduce the need to use anything at all. Preventive measures may include:

  • Reducing/removing moisture
  • Trimming trees and bushes at least twelve inches from the home
  • Moving woodpiles as far away as possible from the home
  • Aim sprinkler heads away from the house
  • Instead of using wood mulch around the home, opt for pine needles

Orange Oil

Using orange oil is another natural remedy to getting rid of termites found in your home. The orange oil consists of mostly d-limonene, a true termite killer. Orange oil will essentially dry out the termites, deriving them of their much-needed moisture. Since orange oil is often highly potent, it will provide a residual effect to other home areas.

spray bottle for naturally termite control

Boric Acid

Boric acid is a great solution to fight against termite infestations in your home. The boric acid works by penetrating the wood termites eat. It can cause them not to be able to pull any nutrients from whatever they are eating.

Take the boric acid, mix it with one cup of water, and apply it to the infested areas. Boric acid may leave a residual effect better than others but will still stick around for long.

white vinegar prevents termites naturally

White Vinegar

White vinegar is a cheap, easy, and eco-friendly way to eliminate termite colonies. Simply applying this product to an active termite tunnel will get rid of the termites almost instantly. The hardest part about using white vinegar is finding active termites, which can be quite a challenge. Termites are tiny insects, so fitting into the hard-to-reach areas is no sweat for them.

Another downside to white vinegar is it will not provide long-term effects. Once the white vinegar is odorless, it can not even act as a repellent.

The Sun

It may seem weird, but the sun is an enemy to most termites because it takes away moisture. Finding areas where you can open up sunlight around the home more can help kill off termites. They need moisture to live, and the sun will significantly remove any excess moisture, taking away any incentive to stay.

sunlight naturally kill termites


When wanting to treat termites using natural remedies, there are a few considerations you must first take into account.

  • To eliminate termite infestations, you must find and penetrate the colony. Killing off a few termites will not stop the activity but merely slow it down. Unless the colony is gone, it will continue to grow regardless if a few termites are missing.
  • Finding activity can be tricky, but accessing it can be even more of a challenge. More often than not, reaching a termite colony may require the use of tools like a drill.
  • Most of the natural remedies available do not leave long-term, lasting effects. Homeowners must ensure they reapply for the products until the termites are gone.

When Is It Time to Call the Professionals?

Trying to handle a small termite infestation yourself may be manageable, but anything beyond that needs a professional’s touch. Failing to control a termite infestation properly will lead to even more colony growth and more damage to the home. Professionals, like A-1 Bonded Termite, come with credentialed training and experience along with quality termite products. The termite products will get rid of the activity and build up a lasting barrier around the home.

A-1 Bonded Termite comes with years of termite removal experience that ensures your home will remain free of activity. Our technicians receive training to spot different signs of activity and provide solutions that stop the termites in their tracks. Contact A-1 Bonded Termite today and get a free estimate on our termite removal and prevention services!