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The western drywood termites are most prevalent in Southern California but can also be found in Northern California. Drywood termites can build their colonies above ground, in the walls, floors, and contents of your home and can be difficult to detect. They live deep inside structural wood, furniture, fences, door and window frames, etc., can be widely dispersed and colonies take years to mature. After the colony has matured, swarming termites are produced that leave the colony and establish new colonies. Drywood termites are known to swarm between the months of August and October as the weather becomes increasingly hotter, however, they can swarm anytime if the conditions are right. Certain environmental conditions can trigger swarming activity at any time such as heat, light, moisture conditions, and wind.

Drywood Termites swarm in large quantites and spread throughout the neighborhood through swarming – this activity endangers not only your home but any home in the vicinity. Drywood Termites are weak flyers and have a small window to develop a new colony. The majority of the swarmers fall prey to predators or die from dehydration or injury. Drywood termites typically enter structures through attic vents, open windows/doors, foundation vents, exhaust fans, and damaged wood. Drywood termites will not enter a structure through intact wood that has a sound coat of paint.

Indications that your home may have a drywood termite infestation:

  • Evidence of little piles of pellets (sometimes mistaken for sawdust)
  • Pin sized holes in walls or woodwork
  • Discarded wings of swarming drywood termites. Commonly found in the attic, window sills, and in or around light fixtures.
  • Damaged wood that appears to have buckled paint and has a hollow sound when tapped.

If your home is determined to have a termite infestation, your A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. trained and certified termite inspector will recommend a customized cost-effective treatment plan specific to your home and needs.  We have plans to meet all budgets and payment plans are available.

If you think you have a termite infestation in your home, call A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. to request a professional FREE Termite Inspection*.