Types of Fumigation

A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. is pleased to provide many types of fumigation for major or minor infestations. These types of fumigation projects should only be performed by professionals. We keep you safe by removing your pests, and at the same time, also keep you safe from potentially-harmful chemicals used in treatments. If used improperly, fumigants are fatal. Our pest control professionals are experts in all types of fumigation treatments and they will ensure that you, your family, and your pets stay safe during the entire process.

types of fumigation - furniture fumigation

Furniture Fumigation

Saving your favorite furniture from drywood termites is worth it, rather than having to replace something you’ve enjoyed owning for years. Termites are known to destroy family heirlooms and the hardest woods that were thought to be impenetrable.
The most noticeable sign of termites in your furniture is termite frass (droppings.) Frass looks like sawdust next to the wood termites have inhabited.

Call or contact A-1 Bonded Termite to schedule an appointment at our Bellflower, CA location where we perform our local furniture fumigation services. We do not pick up or drop off furniture, but we are happy to recommend a local affordable delivery service other customers used in the past.

Boat and Yacht Fumigation

Having regular pest inspections for your boat and yacht will control the possibility of a major infestation. Our climate is most popular for drywood termites to take over your boats and yachts.

Fumigating your boat, even with minor termite damage, is a wise choice when protecting your nautical investment.  Especially if your neighbor’s boat and yachts on the same dock had termite problems in the past. Call or contact for a boat or yacht inspection.

types of fumigation - boat and yachts at the dock

Structural Fumigation

When all the DIY over-the-counter sprays, powders, and other low grade treatments are not working, it may be time to do something more effective. Once an inspection shows the areas to target, a plan will be set out for a date and time for your local treatment – or if severe enough – a tent fumigation.  If your family is getting sick from allergies and have little to no tolerance for bed bugs or drywood termites, then tenting fumigation might be your best option. Structural fumigation is the best way to completely eliminate a large infestation of bed bugs or termites.

A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. provides supplies and materials to keep you safe from the toxic gases. Pets, fish tanks, and plants need to be relocated until it is safe for you to go back in.

Starting to reclaim your property back from the infestation may take some time. But our professionals also repair wood damage cause by dry wood termites and the damage they leave behind. It is best to repair minor wood damage right away. If the hollow wood is left alone the damages will only deteriorate more within your wood belongings over time.

Why Termites Infest Properties

Seeing where termites naturally live may help understand why they confuse a boat or a piece of furniture for a new living space. Their job instinctively is to help keep nature clean by living out their lives constantly disposing of rotten and decayed wood in the forest.

Termites are a good food source from lizards to birds, so they are necessary in the great circle of life.  Because of this, termites need to be able to burrow and hide or they would all be prey. If trees and bushes are too close to your property, termites gets confused and try to hide and burrow into your home.  (So really, it’s not their fault.)

Termites are difficult to detect at first, and because of this, termites grow into a large infestation quite commonly.  Without regular termite inspections, a full-blown infestation can happen within months! One way you can test without seeing a termites, is to knock on solid wood surfaces around your home. If solid wood sounds hollow, it may be infested with drywood termites!

How Bed Bugs Infest Properties

Bed bugs can be found in just about every place humans are found. If you travel to multiple places in one day it becomes quite impossible to know what place the bed bugs came from. Regardless, these pests find ways to sneak in your home, on clothes, baggage, or simply passed from person to person.

Tips to avoid bed bugs:

  • When on a public transportation, try not to place bags on the ground.
  • If you suspect a place that has bed bugs let them know. Don’t keep it a secret.
  • If you hear of a bed bug treatment in your neighborhood, or your neighbors are getting their house fumigated, a steam cleaner can help sanitize your home and is a wonderful bed bug preventive. If steaming seems too dangerous A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. schedule an appointment with you to find the best solution for your bed bug problem.

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