Termites In Drywall

Termites are known to eat wood; they also have an insatiable appetite, making them one of the most destructive household pests.

Termites cause homeowners nearly 5 billion dollars each year in property damage. Termites feed on cellulose, which is a non-soluble substance found in fibers within the wood, paper, and plants. Cellulose is also found in the drywall as it of plaster covered with paper.

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Signs of Termites in Drywall

Although it is always best to reach out to professionals to deal with termite infestations, there are visible signs that you can recognize before an outbreak gets out of hand. No one wants to be in danger of losing thousands of dollars worth of property.

  • Bubbling or Peeling Paint – When termites enter through drywall, they will leave spaces for moisture and air to enter. When the air gets beneath paper and drywall, small bubbles can form and cause tears in your paint.
  • Crumbling Baseboards – Fragile Baseboards can be a sign of rotted wood that has been chewed through by termites.
  • Jammed Entry Ways – If termites cause structural damage to your property, this can cause your home to shift and cause warped windows and doors.

Less Common Signs of Termites in Drywall

  • Small Holes in Drywall – Entry points where termites have entered through the paper coating on your drywall or wallpaper.
  • Faint Lines – Subterranean termites are known to “tunnel” through the wood. If you notice soft lines throughout your wall, there is a possibility that termites reside underneath the paper coating of your drywall.
  • Hollow Spaces in your Wall – If termites have made their way through your drywall, they will eat large chunks of wood beneath your wall which will leave hollowed out areas.

How to Get Rid of Termites in Drywall

There are DIY Methods to remove termites from your home, but unfortunately, they are not always practical. If you are looking for a way to rid your home of these pests entirely, we advise that you contact one of our professionals at A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. There are two treatments recommended to eradicate termites from your home. If our technicians inspect your home and find that the termites have not fully infested your home and impacted its structural integrity, they can offer a localized spot treatment.

If our technicians find that your home has a significant infestation, they will recommend fumigation. Fumigation is necessary when a termite infestation has spread into hard-to-reach areas and crucial structural points throughout the home. If our technicians deem it essential to fumigate, they will provide instructions on how to prepare your home, as well as a time frame where your home will be inaccessible.


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