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A-1 inspectors will customize a termite and
pest control prevention plan for your boat.



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The best way to protect your boat, yacht, or watercraft from termites is to get a FREE Termite Inspection*. Termite control and prevention is often overlooked in watercrafts but very important to maintain the structural integrity of your boat. Termites can cause extensive damage to boats and watercraft when termite infestations are left untreated. The wood in boats serves as an excellent food source for drywood termites.  Boats offer wood for food and often moisture conditions that provide a perfect environment for termites to thrive.

Our highly trained Inspectors will perform a complete inspection of your boat the same way they would inspect a home. The inspector will identify any evidence of termites, wood damage, potential moisture conditions, or other wood destroying pests and recommend a customized cost effective solution and/or long-term protection plan.

After A-1 Bonded Termite has taken care of your termite infestation, we recommend that any wood damage to your boat be repaired only by a proper tradesman.

Don’t take unnecessary risk! Retain the value and structural integrity of your watercraft by scheduling a termite inspection on your vessel today!