The Most Effective Termite Control Home Remedies

Do you know what to do if you spot termites in your home? We suggest implementing termite control home remedies as the first line of defense against these troublesome pests. While do-it-yourself solutions are not ideal for pest control, they can help buy you some time while you wait for your scheduled pest control inspection.

These are the most effective termite control home remedies that we’ve seen used regularly in California homes.

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Vinegar Kills Termites On The Surface…

Some articles mention spraying a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice onto common places where you can find termites. This liquid solution can help kill termites that get directly sprayed. Unfortunately, though, it may be challenging to reach termites that have already burrowed into your home’s surfaces. Subterranean termites, for example, live most of their lives underground. So you’ll be hard-pressed to find a spray bottle that can effectively reach them.

…But Not 100% Effective

Another issue you may face when using vinegar as a termite repellant is that, well, you’ll never be able to kill them all. There can be as many as a million members in a single termite colony, so killing a handful of them with the spray won’t make a dent in most cases. However, no matter how many you kill, they can reproduce as long as they have a large enough population. With this in mind, vinegar could be helpful for a small patch of termites. However, it won’t end the problem.

vinegar prevents termites naturally
orange oil for termite control home remedies

Termites Dislike Orange Oil

Another home remedy suggested online is to spray orange oil directly onto the termites and the areas they infest. Orange oil is an essential oil that can harm termites. Still, it isn’t proven actually to do enough damage to end an infestation. So if your goal is to control a termite colony, orange oil will probably be even less effective than a vinegar solution.

Borate Powder and Sprays

If you are wondering how to treat wood for termites, here’s an option. By mixing boric salts sold as BORAX Power with water, you can produce a borate spray. The best way to use a borate spray is to apply it to exposed wood or the voids in-between walls. The solution will help limit termite populations and potentially kill them. Unfortunately, though, this spray suffers the same problem as the others. It can only affect the termites that it reaches. Imagine the termites have already burrowed thoroughly into your home’s surfaces. In that case, you will be unable to spray them with the solution. 

borax powder termite control
sunlight naturally control termites


If termites have infested a piece of wooden furniture in your home, you may be able to use the sun to fight them off. By dragging the wooden furniture into the sunlight and away from moisture, you can kill off subterranean and dampwood termites. Drywood termites may not die as quickly because they are less reliant on moisture for their survival. Unfortunately, this method is not a good home remedy for termites in walls. Sunlight should get used as a measure to save a particular piece of furniture, rather than your home’s surfaces. 

Where Are These Termites Coming From? 

Having termite issues and you can’t figure out where they are, here is some information that could be helpful. 

In the early summer or late spring, termites are usually swarming. This means the adults are leaving the nest to find mates and begin a new colony somewhere else. If you see termites flying outside, that means you could have a termite colony in your neighborhood. That doesn’t necessarily mean that an infestation has started in your home. Though, you may still want to take measures to prevent termites from entering your home. 

Some pest control companies offer termite monitoring systems that can provide a barrier against termites wishing to come onto your property. While such systems are not necessary in most cases, they can be a helpful solution for homeowners who regularly deal with termites. 

Remedies getting termite mudtubes off your home

The Real Remedy For Termites

If you see termites swarming outside your home, it’s probably time to call a professional. However, you don’t want to wait until the infestation has already caused significant damage. Call for help immediately. If you don’t, the termites that make it in can cause lasting damage that will cost a fortune to repair.

You could try the home remedies listed above, but they won’t get the job done in most cases. If the end goal is to eliminate all of the termites living in your home, you’re going to need help. That’s especially true for homes that have attracted a large population of termites.

If you attempt to resolve the issue without professional help, you can make the problem worse too. For example, in your attempts to kill the termites, you may mistakenly spread them to another area of your home. So now you’re dealing with two hotspots instead of one.

Calling A-1 Bonded Termite in the first place would have ended your worries immediately. However, we know how to get rid of termites, so contact us directly.

When you reach out to us, you can trust that we’ll take the necessary steps to eliminate the termite presence in your home.