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About Termites

Termites have three stages of life: egg, nymph, and adult. They partially change form throughout their lives, this is called an incomplete metamorphosis. Termites have six legs and a three-part body satisfying the main requirements to qualify them as an insect species.

 What They Eat And What Eats Them

Termites are an important food source for animals such as birds, bears, other insects, and lizards. Without termites, our natural outdoor wood scenery would be overrun with dead rotting wood. You can consider termites to be natural recycling machines.

However, these innocent wood eaters cannot tell the difference between wood inside or outside of your property.  Nothing wood is safe – They will blindly slowly take over and eat anything made of wood.

Termite Inspection

It is helpful to know the signs of termite problems and when it is time to call us for an inspection.  After a proper, thorough inspection, we take care of your problem(s).  We eliminate entry points so termites, or any pest, do not become an issue in the future.

termite control anaheim- life cycle
termite control anaheim- life cycle
Termites leave behind signs to let you know exactly where they are:

• Swarmer termites discard their wings. Sometimes found at your door steps entry and window sills winged termites discard their wings after the reproductive stage of their life is complete.
• Subterranean termites leave mud tubes, amazing tunnels that they use to travel together and not get lost when in search for fresh food/wood. You may look along the outside of your house for mud tubes.
• Piles of “saw dust” next to anything made of wood (tables, stairs, and outdoor porches.) These piles are their excrement, so if you see these do not touch them, give us a call.

Is it Too Late?
Termites may go unnoticed for years because they are hardly seen and make no noise.
Every area, inside or outside of your home or business, can be repaired or replaced. It is never too late to have help with termite control Anaheim! We inspect, eliminate the problem, and ensure the termites do not come back. We also have certified carpenters on staff to repair wood damage caused by these critters. So whether they’ve chewed through bedposts, flooring, or down to the studs, A-1 Bonded Termite can help from start to finish.

Note: We also provide furniture fumigation to save valuable furnishings that may be infested.
In our local area of Anaheim, the termite species we look for in our inspections include: dampwood termites, drywood termites, and subterranean termites. These three are our most common invasive termites here in Southern California.
You need termite control Anaheim, just give us a call. Our expert termite control specialists will be there to help you.

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    *Restrictions apply for some real estate transactions and multi-unit buildings. Call for details.