Signs You May Have A Pest Problem

The biggest warning sign is you have a pest problem is if you see a pest, a bug or a rodent.  To identify the pest yourself, you may view our pest library page to see all the common pests that we regularly treat in your area.

The simplest way to find out whether or not you have a pest problem is to call us at A-1 Bonded Termite for a FREE inspection*. 

Prior to your inspection there are way to tell quickly if you have a pest problem:


Something stinks.  Often, pests produce a musky odor.  If pests have made a habitat within your walls, their feces and urine will give off an ammonia-like odor. 

After time, with any infestation, deceased pests begin to gather and decompose within your wall and give off an unmissable smell of decay and the air becomes unbreathable.


Rodents will scratch and gnaw at night.  You are most likely to hear them near your pantry as they are noisiest nearest to their food sources.  Their bite-marks will also become unmistakable on corners of cardboard boxes if they do make it into your pantry or cupboards. 

Another clear indicator of a pest problem would be buzzing from bee and wasp nests. Unfortunately, wood-boring pests like termite and carpenter ants, are not known for being noisy are impossible to locate by ear.


Like every living thing, every pest will leave behind fecal matter.  If you notice rodent feces, frass (the sawdust-like leavings from termites,) or urine, professional pest control is necessary. 

Many pests spread disease and infection through their feces and becomes quite serious if they are defecating near your food or water sources. 

If you notice any signs of pest problems call for an inspection right away. Infestation caused by pest problems like insects, rodents, or other animals can be frustrating for homeowners and business owners.  The possibility of structural damage can quickly turn your investment into a money-pit. Damages cause by any type of invasive pest can be dangerous to you and your family.  Call us immediately to schedule a FREE inspection today.*


 *Some restrictions apply.