Property Managers and Homeowner Association (HOA)

Residential Termite and Pest Control

A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. wants to work with the community property managers and your Homeowners Association (HOA.)  Our highest priority is keeping Southern California a safe place to live.

We recommend scheduling regular ongoing inspections appointments for the reassurance that a large building does not have a pest problem.

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A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. provides regular inspections and preventive treatments for your property to keep your community pest-free. Any concerns from tenants should be promptly addressed with an inspection, followed by treatment before problems worsen. Call or contact us to begin pest control on your property.

Common Pest Problems in Associations and Condominiums


Subterranean termites live in the soil around the bottom structure of condos and townhomes. Openings to your building, like a crack in the concrete, will lead termites into the building. Inspecting for, and sealing cracks leading into the building, along with a monthly preventive spray, will save you from future infestations.

Subterranean Termites
Signs of a subterranean termite infestation are droppings on the cracks on the house.

Drywood Termites
Drywood termites do not need direct soil to survive. They are good at taking over the parts of the wood inside your house by living on the inside of the lumber, making it hollow.

Dampwood Termites
Dampwood termites are not as common as drywood or subterranean termites, but when they do invade your property, clear them out fast before even minor termite damage happens.


Bed Bug Infestation

At first, a bed bug infestation can go unnoticed for a few days. Then bites will start irritating their victims. The property manager, HOA, or landlord will need to notify the entire complex in the event of an infestation, doubly-so if a home connects to multiple units.

Looking for bed bugs might be challenging too. During the day, they will hide in a spot like the bed headboard, tables, or even go into the walls. But if your property has multiple units with an infestation, a professional needs to be called to get the problem under control.

Bed bugs are nocturnal and feed when a victim lays in bed. We find bed bugs often in couches and upholstered chairs. In which case, bug bugs find you there instead.

Do not let bed bugs spread from room to room, let alone from condo to condo. If an infestation exists, try not to remove furniture from a condo/townhouse. Bed bugs will drop along the way and spread to adjacent units.

apartment controlled by property mangers and HOA


cockroach upside down on kitchen floor

Cockroaches spread fast from one unit in a condo to another. If the infestation has just begun, you might not see cockroaches during the day, because they are nocturnal and are often hiding. If the infestation becomes bad enough to where hiding spots are few and far between, and cockroaches are spotted out in the open, that is when you have a more extensive problem and need to act fast. Having roaches move between units is tough to control.

Ongoing pest control is necessary to prevent all insect infestations. In between the professional visits from A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc., we can make some suggestions for other pest preventatives. For cockroach infestations, glue traps are worth a try. This DIY solution is available in stores. Additional safeguards, like disinfecting sprays and bait traps, are great solutions for in-between visits.


Rats and mice do significant damages to the structure, wiring, and sanitation of residential properties. Not taking care of rodent infestations can lead to serious health issues for residents living in the same building.

Sealing up entry points with update doors will keep rodents out. Preventives are also necessary for the upper levels because rats and mice are great climbers and can scale many floors quickly.

Other Pest Control Services

On top of our efficient pest removal services, you may also contact us for damages from wood-destroying pests that are repairable from our wood repair services.

Contact us by form or call for questions about your community or specific resident home. If you live in a condo or HOA, contact your association or property managers with your pest concerns – A-1 is happy to help make your property pest-free.



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