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Africanized Honey Bee



Africanized Honey Bee

Pest Stats


Golden-yellow with darker bands of brown.




Oval; bee shape






Arizona, California, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida


Africanized bees vigilantly defend their colony and their defense zone of attack is up to 100ft. They can attack people, pets, and other animals that could unknowingly impede their attack zone. Africanized bees can chase victims for more than a quarter of a mile once they get agitated.

The Africanized worker bees collect pollen and nectar from flowers to feed to feed the colony.


Africanized bees have small colonies and are more likely to change location than honey bees. They tend to build nests in unorthodox places such as tires, crates, boxes, and empty cars. The severity of winters prevent this been from extending into other states.


The sting from Africanized honey bee venom is the same as regular honeybees. The reason these bees pose a greater danger to humans is because they attack in larger numbers. As a result of multiple stings, these bees cause a greater amount of deaths than honey bees.

Africanized Honey Bee Prevention

We never recommend attempting to remove bee hives due to the aggressive nature of these bees and the possibility of injury or death. This should always be left to a professional. Call A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. for a free inspection*. Your inspector will make recommendations to eliminate the infestation and make suggestions on how to correct conditions that may be conducive to re-infestations.

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