Bed Bug Fumigation Services for Your Home

Bed bug fumigation can bring an end to the annoying and health-threatening presence of these invasive creatures. Their history started about 3,300 years. By the 1950s, modern pest control methods had nearly eradicated them. However, in the 1990s, bed bugs came back with a vengeance. Now, these insects thrive and make life difficult for people across the U.S.

You may have trouble getting rid of bed bugs, no matter how many self-help pest control methods you try. Fortunately, at A-1 Bonded Termite, we know how to do the job thoroughly with our bed bug fumigation service. Our fumigation treatment eliminates bed bugs, their eggs, and various other invasive pests along with them.

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When Do You Need Bed Bug Fumigation?

Not everyone who sees a one-bed bug in their home needs fumigation services. In some cases, you might find that over-the-counter crack and crevice applications like liquids, dust, or aerosols work well enough. In other cases, only fumigation solves the problem.

Fumigation For Tough to Treat Infestations

When you call us at A-1 for bed bug pest control, we move into action quickly. As one of the four keys to high-quality pest control, certified inspections come first. If you have a significant bed bug problem, we recommend bed bug fumigation. For one thing, any moderate to severe infestation usually requires fumigation. In addition, if you tried DIY bed bug control without success, you need a more serious approach.

When You Need a Fast, Effective Solution

For those who need to eradicate the bed bugs immediately, fumigation provides the ideal solution. You might need this timely service for several reasons. For example, suppose you manage a multi-unit dwelling like a hotel, apartment complex, or dormitory. In that case, you cannot delay getting rid of the bed bugs. Also, if you have bed bug allergies, you need them gone to protect your health. Finally, if for any reason you have zero tolerance for bed bug infestation, fumigation eliminates the problem very quickly.

Bed Bug Fumigation to Protect Your Belongings

Many other treatment methods can cause damage to your high-value furniture or custom mattresses. However, fumigation offers a practical solution that does not cause this kind of issue. Therefore, if bed bugs infest these delicate items, fumigation makes perfect sense.

Bed Bug Fumigation – A Safer Way to Go

Hiring bed bug pest control experts offers the safest and most effective treatment available. Do-it-yourself bed bug control often involves complicated steps. Unfortunately, DIY bed bug control rarely works for anything but minor infestations. Even worse, you might expose your family to harmful chemicals, many of which insecticide companies designed to use outdoors. Fumigation, on the other hand, offers a completely safe alternative when used by a licensed professional.

Setting Up Bed Bug Fumigation

Whole-home bed bug fumigation also goes by the name of structural fumigation. Once you realize you have a bed bug problem you cannot solve, you only need to contact us to begin. Immediately, we send an A-1 Bonded Termite certified and licensed inspector to your home to conduct an inspection. After they determine the extent of the infestation, they recommend the next steps.

For major infestations, we may suggest structural fumigation. If so, we go over the whole process with you. Next, we provide literature and videos to show you step-by-step how the process works and your role in it. After that, if you have any questions before, during, or after the treatment, just call us to learn more. We have trained staff ready to assist you.








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Preparing for Bed Bug Fumigation

Once we complete the inspection and decide to opt for fumigation, we set up a convenient time. Before the fumigation process can begin, you need to do several things to prepare. Getting ready properly ensures that the most highly effective treatment. It also protects you, your loved ones, and your property. Take the following steps.

After Scheduling the Treatment:

  • Arrange a place for you, your family, and your pets to go during the fumigation.
  • Call the gas company to schedule shut off and restoration of gas service.
  • Have a place to put vehicles, so they are away from the building.
  • Have the post office hold your mail if needed.

Two to Three Days Before Fumigation:

  • Remove or double-bag unsealed food and medicine.
  • Have a housekey to give to the pest control agent.
  • Return your signed contract to the pest control company.

One Day Before:

  • If your mattresses have waterproof covers, open them up.
  • Take your pets to wherever you want them to stay.
  • Tell your neighbors about the fumigation.
  • Move your vehicles.

The Day of Fumigation

  • Give the pest control agent housekeys.
  • Leave your property, taking your family and plants.
  • Call the gas company to confirm the restoration of service.
  • Turn off any heating elements, sprinklers, and AC units.
  • Extinguish any pilot lights in your home.
  • Open all doors, cabinets, and drawers.
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Our entire staff is dedicated to assisting you through this process and can answer questions every step of the way. Never hesitate to call us with questions.


– Fumigation Checklist

– Whole-Home Fumigation Brochure

– Fumigation Planning Guide

– What to Bag or Remove

– Vikane Fact Sheet – English

– Vikane Fact Sheet – Spanish

Bed Bug Fumigation Process

With all preparations completed, we move forward with fumigating your home for bed bugs. Think of the fumigation service as a three-step process that takes place over three days. The following things happen on each day.

Day 1 – Fumigation

Fumigation day brings a flurry of activity. It begins in the morning when the gas company comes to shut off your gas. They place a tag on the meter, and you need to leave it there. Next, our pest control agents arrive as scheduled. We review with you all the preparations you made and ensure you followed each preparatory step.

Then, you leave, taking only the clothes you are wearing and any needed medications. Afterward, our team prepares to cover the structure and secure the tarps. We use secondary locks to secure your property and post warning signs. Next, we prepare the interior and finish up the exterior preparations.

At this point, we release the fumigant into the structure. We note the time and allow the fumigant to stay in the building long enough to eradicate the bed bugs.

Day 2 – Aeration

The second day of bed bug fumigation consists of aerating the home. In other words, we get the fumigant out and bring in the fresh air. We start by ensuring that all the tarps stayed sealed overnight. Then, we set up a fan, connect an exhaust tube, and let the fresh air come inside.

Day 3 – Final Steps

On the third day, after we aerated your home, we prepare for your return. First, we remove the tarp. To ensure you have a safe, fresh home, we take air samples and test them for traces of fumigant. When the tests show the fumigant at or below the recommended level, we remove the secondary locks.

Next, we place a re-entry notice on your door. This tells the gas company they can now turn the gas back on. Also, it tells you that you can return home at the end of the day. You leave any clothes you are wearing outside in a sealed bag. That’s it! You are ready to come into your home and get back to your usual routine.

Come to the Bed Bug Fumigation Experts!

When you need to get rid of bed bugs, choose the bed bug fumigation experts at A-1 Bonded Termite. We have 40 years of experience treating pests. As a part of our services, we provide bed bug removal in Anaheim and surrounding parts of Southern California. So contact us today if bed bugs have invaded your family’s space. We stand ready to take the proper steps to rid you of those annoying insects for the long term.

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