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After a thorough inspection and the pests are located, A-1 Bonded Termite offers the safest and most effective pest treatments for your home or business.

If you tried all the DIY pest treatments, then call in reinforcements from A-1 Bonded Termite and begin professional treatments to contain the problem before it worsens.

Without using 100% effective pest treatments, a few pests will remain, and they will reproduce and infest your property all over again.  It is best to call the professionals and get your pest treatments done correctly the first time. Our services are 100% guaranteed, so call us today to begin your pest control services before pests cause more problems.


Glue traps as pest treatment might be the answer when dealing with an insect problem. Glue traps can be effective in combination with insecticide.  The insecticide will bring them out of hiding while the glue traps capture them when they try and migrate.

Glue traps are not always great for rodents, because they do not kill mice right away and may leave them stuck and screaming, while rats are far too large for most sticky paper.

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Live traps are becoming more popular with rodent pest treatment. If you see just one mouse or rat run inside, you may be able to trap them and get that one out of the way. Even though they are pests, it is important to remember that they are a part of nature, a vital part of our ecosystem, and the rodent may have arrived in your house only by accident. Live traps are beneficial to keep in garages that are attached to houses just in case a rodent happens to stumble inside.

Snap traps are seen in just about every general store and may be tricky to use. It takes some time to get a mouse or rat to go near them, but these traps are efficient. Used traps need to be replaced as rodent can smell a used trap and will drive them away instead of catching them.  We are here to help you with your trap frustrations.  More information about rodent traps.

Some vacuums are specifically designed to catch insects. Vacuums are a great trapping device when you are dealing with fast insects like cockroaches, wasps, and spiders.


Insecticides, or more popularly known as bug spray, kill insects on contact and some may even keep pests way for days or weeks.  Pesticides however, if used improperly, are not safe to be used on your own.  To create the least environmental impact, have pesticides applied by professionals like A-1 Bonded Termite. Take great care if you use customer-grade pesticides as inhaling them can lead to severe poisoning and illness.

Rodenticides like insecticides, are made of harmful chemicals, specifically designed to kill mice and rats in your house. Rodenticides are especially harmful near children or where pets are active. The active ingredient in most rodenticide are anticoagulants that keep the blood from clotting, so they are very dangerous if accidentally ingested.  Rodenticides can also harm other wildlife if they ingest a baited rodent.  If you have a rodent infestations call A-1 Bonded Termite for the safest and most effective rodent control.

Termiticide is recommended for even the most minor termite damage. Termiticide application will prevent further chewing on your wooden possessions and damage the structure of your home.  Don’t let termites continue to chew, call us for the most effective termiticide treatments available.


A few pests require fumigation for severe infestations.

Bed bugs are difficult to contain and control. They are smart.  If an area is being treated, bed bugs will sense the danger and migrate, invading other parts of your house. For severe infestations, the only way to make sure the bed bugs are eliminated is to fumigate the entire house. A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. takes all the measures to keep your household safe during the procedure of bed bug fumigation.

More About Bed Bug Fumigation

Steam heat can be used for sterilization on beds, furniture, and other household items to clear off remaining bed bugs, bed bug waste, and carcasses.

Termites are another pest that causes major problems to the home, because they love our dry wooden houses. Termites mainly live underground and constantly tunnel through the soil.  They do the same thing around soft wood in our walls. One home can carry thousands of termites.  The only way to clear every inch of your home is to perform termite fumigation.

Ongoing Inspections and Preventatives

Your personal sanitation patterns are a big factor in ongoing pest control.  There are simple precautions a homeowner can take to prevent future infestations:

  • Keep a tightly sealed lid on ALL garbage cans, inside and outside.
  • Don’t leave food out, even in the kitchen.
  • Close your door. The bottommost portion of the door is important too – the door sweep must be undamaged to prevent pests.
  • Maintain your windows and screens. Gaps in windowpanes, frames, and holes in screen will let in pests.


Whether your property had past pest problems, or you have never seen a pest, it is a good idea to use preventives treatments before pests find their way in.


A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. is a pest control company you can count on to keep the pests away. Call us today.

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