Powderpost beetles attack wood and cause physical wood damage similar to termites. Their name come from their ability to reduce the wood into a fine powdery dust. Powderpost beetles cause millions of dollars in damage to the wood in the United States each year.

They can infest both hardwoods and softwoods, which means nothing in the structure is safe from them. Powderpost beetles can infest pine, fir, maple, ash, oak, walnut, and pecan wood types. When they are present, there will be a pinhole opening on the surface of the infested wood. However, by the time the holes are visible, there will be wood damage.

Pest Control

A-1 Bonded Termite specializes in safe and effective powderpost beetle removal treatments.  When taking care of your powderpost beetle problem, you can expect the utmost care and professionalism by our certified team of pest removal specialists.


A-1 Pest Control thoroughly inspects your property to establish what pests we are dealing with properly and their colony size.


Once the pest is isolated, we find ways to remove the problem from your living area effectively.


Once eliminating your pests, we ensure they don’t come back.


If you suspect a powderpost beetle infestation, it is essential to hire a pest control professional to rid your home of powderpost beetles as soon as possible. The most effective way to get rid of powderpost beetles is to call A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. for a free inspection*.

Your inspector will make recommendations to eliminate the infestation and make suggestions on how to correct conditions that may be conducive to re-infestations.

Wood Destroying Insects

Adults are not the ones that destroy wood. They primarily serve as a reproductive role. The larvae do the wood damage. As the adults emerge from the wood, they mate and lay eggs on the wood surface.

Activity is most significant in early spring, where they conceal themselves in the daytime in cracks and holes in wood. At night, they are most active and are attracted to lights and appear on windowsills, floors, and furniture. Powderpost beetles infest and re-infest dry wood. Destroying the interior of the wood making by holes and galleries packed with fine powdery wood dust. They are often built into structures, brought in with furniture and firewood.




reddish brown to black


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forest area to naturally find powderpost beetles


Found throughout the US, powderpost beetles live in wood, creating galleries as they eat the wood. Powderpost beetles attacks both hard and softwoods. Found in lumber, furniture, paneling, tool handles, gun stocks, hardwood flooring, timbers and crates, antiques, and other objects made of hardwood materials.

They will also fly into the crawlspace of the structure and lay eggs there.



Powderpost beetles do not pose a threat to humans but are very dangerous to the structure of wood around your home. They are second only to termites in their destructiveness to wood and wood products.

Powderpost beetles are estimated to cause millions of dollars in damage in the United Stated each year. Also, they can bite but rarely do because they live in wood.

powderpost beetles


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