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Pest Identification

Ticks vs. Fleas

Once you know the difference, you can easily identify fleas and ticks.  

Often times, by the time tiny pests like ticks and fleas are noticed, the infestation problem has become severe.  

Both ticks and fleas are  sneaky little bugs.  They are both parasitic in nature, meaning they feed off of other living things.  They depend on being quiet and stealthy, and both feed on us, pets, and other mammals in the wild. 

A-1 Bonded Termite recommends that you have regular inspections of your structures and consider our annual maintenance plan for early detection and treatment of new infestations of ticks or fleas.

See our photos and more description below to identify fleas and ticks.

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Identify Fleas And Ticks


Eight Legs – The same Animal classification as spiders, Arachnida

Ticks crawl – you wont found a ticks hopping about at all in the way that a flea does.  Ticks a much larger and slower-moving.

Tick Don’t Itch – tick bites are painful and swell. There is a wide range of symptoms that usually develop days to weeks after the tick bite. 

Ticks Burrow – ticks remain in place while feeding and will burrow their heads beneath the surface of your skin and do not fall off until completely engorged.

Ticks Spread Disease – Ticks spread diseases like  encephalitis, tick paralysis, tularemia, cytauxzoonosis, Lyme disease, canine ehrlichiosis, hepatozoonosis, anaplasmosis, and babesiosis. Ticks also transmit human diseases including malaria and HIV/AIDS


Fleas Are Tiny – fleas are VERY small creatures measuring anout 1mm in size, never much bigger.  Whereas, a tick go grom up to 5mm when engorged.

Fleas jump – Astonishingly, they are able to leap over 80 times there own height.  Over 8 inches high and 15 inches long, that’s equal to a person jumping over a 480 foot building and the length of a football field!

Fleas Itch – You will notice yourself itching just as much as your pets if an infestation is in your home.

Cannot be killed by crushing – Their exoskeleton is extremely strong.  It seems as if no amount of pressure from a finger or hand can kill these creatures.

Fleas Spread Diseases – Fleas spread typhus, cat scratch disease, tungiansis, and tularemia.

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