Bed Bug Identification

Find Out Now If Bed Bugs Are What’s Bugging You.

Because they are so small, sometimes less than a millimeter in size, bed bug identification is difficult with this insect.  But we will try to make it easy as possible with plenty of pictures, descriptions, and a few of bed bugs commonly misidentified insect friends. 

Once bed bugs are identified you can read more facts about bed bug habitats and bed bug prevention HERE.

3 Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

An Itch

The first indication of a bed bug infestation is an itch or a slight rash around your ankles, arms, or lower legs.

Generally, bed bugs are unseen and leave no trace behind because they are sucking on exposed skin and their little bite-holes clot so fast that you don’t even see bite marks on your body.  The only sign that they may have been feeding on you during the night is a slight itch in the morning.

Actual Bed Bugs

To identify a bed bug, you need to know what they look like. Bed bugs outward appearance depends greatly on what stage of their life cycle they are in.

A bed bug looks like a completely different pest from baby, to juvenile, to adulthood, where they can grow to be ¼” in size.

bed bug identification

This diagram illustrates perfectly how drastically bed bugs change shape and size throughout their lifespans.

A Little Blood


We know.

But because bed bugs are nocturnal, they are no where in sight by the time you wake up in the morning. The only evidence that they may leave behind is a little bit of your blood on your sheets or mattress pad.

These tiny brown circles often go unnoticed on darker sheets but is a key indicator in bed bug identification.


If you see the pest that’s bugging you in this section.  Congratulations!  You don’t have bed bugs.

Many times a person thinks they have identified a bed bug, when they really have another harmless insect.  Here are a few pests that are often confused with bed bugs.


Not A Bed Bug

A harmless little stink bug.  Noticeably larger and patterned unlike a bed bug – These bugs don’t bite, nor make noise.  Just shoo this guy back outside if you find one on your bed.

bug bug identification

Not A Bed Bug

A little ladybug.  Noticeably larger and shinier, with distinctive black polka dots.bed bug identification

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Not A Bed Bug

The Varied Carpet Beetle is the most commonly confused for a bed bug.  These can be pests, but won’t suck your blood!bed bug identification


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