Pest Control in Brea, California

From general inspections to the treatment of dangerous invaders, we tackle pest issues that are best left to professionals like us. Our pest control team is certified, licensed, and insured – and we guarantee A-1 can take care of your pest control in Brea California. If you are overrun with invaders, we understand how your home loses its cozy feel and we help remedy that as efficiently as possible. An infestation makes it feel like your house is sick and infected. Just like an illness, it is best to address it right away or it is only bound to get worse. Call us today to take care of your pest problem.

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Ongoing Inspections

First, treatments are never “one and done.”  Unfortunately, there isn’t a magical catch-all cure for all pests. For pest control in Brea California, we perform routine inspections as general check-ups. This ensures your property stays defended from any pest attacks. The pests that we combat with pest control in Brea, California are relentless.

Specialty pest control in Brea California is recommended when rodents, pantry pests, and bees have entered your property.

General Pest Control in Brea California is for spiders, crickets, ants (excludes carpenter ants)

pest inspection by Geoff at A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc.

The Pests We Combat In Brea California

Ants and Termites

Both ants and termites are most common in Spring. The little bit of rain that we receive dramatically changes our business of pest control in Brea. Many species of burrowing insects appear from underground with every light rainstorm.

Carpenter ants

These ants might look like regular ants, but these ants will do damage. They destroy wooden structures and furniture just like termites. Although termites eat the wood. Carpenter Ants have very strong mandibles and chewing is a way of life. To make their nest, to cut food free, their mouths are like scissors leaving your property at risk of harm. These ants are also known to chew on wires, making them extra-hazardous.


Crickets after a while are annoying. They rub their little legs together to make quite a nuisance. It takes very little sustenance to keep cricket alive. Often, it takes more than one visit to clear away the noisemakers, because just when you think they are gone the eggs they laid create many more noisy critters.

tented house fumigation for Brea pest control


Bed Bugs

Unfortunately, we see a lot of bed bugs in Brea. Also, bed bugs are not a seasonal pest; we see bed bugs all year round. Every area of the house needs regular inspections for bed bug infestation prevention. Finally, they are difficult to get rid of and if infestations become severe they may need bed bug fumigation.

Please call A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. for any information. A-1 is here to make sure the home and businesses in Brea, California remains pest free.


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