We Are Your Local Experts for Pest Control Against Rodents, Insects, and Especially Termites

The first crucial step to proper pest control is to seal the inside from the outside. Holes, cracks, separations in framework, under porches and in foundations are likely spots of entry.

Second, keep a clean tidy area. If there is no way for pest to get in, and if there is nothing to lure them in, pests will stay on the outside of your home or business. There, they can remain a peaceful part of nature instead of an unwanted pest.

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Pest Inspection

Pest control is a concern the entire time you own a property. Weathering, warping, erosion, flooding, and earthquakes can all cause cracks and gaps in unwanted areas over time. If any kind of repair or maintenance is left unfinished to the structure of the property, this could lead to some uninvited guests moving in. Most of these cracks are very small between walls, or under floors and go unnoticed. Often, it takes a trained pest inspector to find a pest problem.

Call now for a free inspection*, to make sure you are pest-free and stay that way.

*Some restrictions apply for real estate transactions and multi-unit buildings. Call for details.

Signs You May Need Pest Control

Most pests leave signs that their presence is there.

Rodents gnaw and chew on just about everything, especially wood to keep their teeth from becoming over grown. If you don’t see their bite-marks, droppings are the next most visible sign left by rodents and can be very hazardous to your health. Rodent control is necessary as soon as signs of an infestation are noticed.

Insects can be just as bad as rodents causing messes and breaking the structure of your home. Termites similarly silently destroy homes and businesses, sometimes taking years to show that they are there. Check some of the common places you can find termites, then call A-1 Bonded Termite to conduct a thorough inspection and provide the earliest prevention for pest control.

More about Signs You May Have a Pest Problem.

General Pest Control

A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. provides our customers several options who want their homes to be pest free. Our general pest control options range from one-time service, monthly service, bi-monthly service, and quarterly service.

We keep your pest problems under control at the frequency your specific pest problem requires. All of our pest control services are backed by our A-1 100% Guarantee.

All frequencies include notification prior to service, removing cobwebs from exterior eaves, windows and doors. Call backs are included at no charge if the customer sees a recurrence of the covered pests.

Routine Pest Control – Covered Pests

All our monthly pest control services cover these 12 most common household pests:

Ants (excludes carpenter ants)
Cockroaches (American)
Cockroaches (Oriental)
Sow Bugs
Wasp Nests

Need help identifying your pest?  Check our PEST LIBRARY or our PEST IDENTIFICATION pages to help you figure out what pest is bugging you.


We offer a specialty pest control service to customers who require extra attention to their pest needs. We can add this to our general pest maintenance package or can target just a single pest. This could be because of location, personal preference, or severity of your specialty pest infestations.

A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. also offers services for Bed Bugs, Cockroaches (German or Brown Banded), Fleas, Pantry Pests, and Rodent Control. See our Specialty Pest page or Contact Us for details.

Our Pest Control Coverage Area

The list of cities we cover is a bit long when we mention the cities that we service. It is easiest to say:

We provide pest control from LA to San Bernadino and everything in between.

We cover an approximately 25 miles-radius around our headquarters in Anaheim, California. If you are unsure if we cover your town, give us a call, and we’ll let you know 714-502-9230.



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    *Restrictions apply for some real estate transactions and multi-unit buildings. Call for details.