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Our main office is in Anaheim, California, and we are available to service homes and businesses in the surrounding areas. So if you need pest control in Tustin, Santa Ana, Anaheim, or any nearby area, we will help you get the job done. Handle your pest control needs with A-1 Bonded Termite.

Have you noticed a growing pest problem in or around your home? Now’s the time to get in touch with a Tustin pest control company. We will help you eliminate rats, mice, roaches, and any other pests that interfere with the comfort of your home. To get started, schedule a free inspection with one of our certified pest control technicians.

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    The Inspection Process

    A strategic approach to pest control involves a thorough inspection process that includes an in-depth investigation of the premises. Our technician will look through your home for signs and evidence of common pests during the inspection process. Suppose they discover anything that seems indicative of an infestation. In that case, they will take note of the issue and continue the inspection process. Common signs of pests include dry rot damage, bite marks on drywall and furniture, droppings, urine, and nests.

    After uncovering the infestation signs, your pest control inspector will also look for potential entry points that the pests could be using to enter your property. If there are signs that pests have easy access to food and water, they will also take note of that. After the inspection is complete, we will let you know what we found and inform you of potential solutions. It’s your choice to move forward, but we suggest you hire a pest control service routinely.

    Common Pests in California

    Tustin, California, is home to many animals that may require professional intervention to remove. If you wait too long, ridding your home of an infestation can become incredibly expensive. Before things get out of hand, call A-1 Bonded Termite to get pests off of your property. These are some common pests that we can help you remove.


    Ants are troublesome because they leave pheromone trails that lead other ants into your home or business. They are also prone to having multiple colonies in a small area, making it difficult to eradicate their population. Worse yet, ant queens can lay as many as 800 eggs per day, so there is almost an unlimited supply of these pests.

    Many different types of ants could be populating your home. Each one may require a unique extermination approach. To make sure that your home is free of ants for years to come, schedule routine visits with the Tustin pest control professionals at A-1 Bonded Termite.

    ants on a leaf
    pest control in Tustin for termite removal


    Termites can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home while remaining unseen. If the conditions are right, they will find their way into your home and start eating away at the foundation of your home. If you’ve noticed blisters in your wood flooring or damaged wood in your home, termites may be responsible.

    Don’t take risks with termites because allowing their population to grow unchecked can be a costly mistake. Have one of our inspectors check your home for termites today. We will help you determine if termites are really behind the damage in your home, and if they are, we will eliminate each one of them.


    Cockroaches are pesky bugs that can travel through tight spaces and survive extreme conditions. They will go to significant lengths to eat the food in your home, so it can be challenging to keep them out. Don’t ignore the presence of roaches, though, because they are also capable of bringing infectious diseases into your home.

    Before you or a family member gets sick from a roach-borne disease, have the certified pest control technicians at A-1 Bonded Termite pay you a visit. We’ll eradicate any roaches living on your property and take steps to ensure that they don’t return in the future.

    cockroach on table with food needs pest control in Tustin, Ca
    rodent outside needs pest control preventives in Tustin, Ca


    The rodent family features several small animals that commonly take up residence inside commercial and residential buildings. Rats, mice, squirrels, and opossums are all capable of finding a way into your home and living there for extended periods. If left alone for too long, they may cause substantial damage and potentially create a health hazard with their feces and urine.

    Rats and mice are especially hazardous because they are known to carry a range of infectious diseases that can sometimes be fatal. Even cleaning up after these pests can get you sick, as inhaling particles from their feces, urine, or fur creates a risk of infection. If you have noticed that rodents are present in your home, take action now. Schedule an inspection for pest control in Tustin immediately.


    Tustin pest control methods vary from home to home. Sometimes a chemical agent is used to kill the pests or drive them off. In other cases, we may use mechanical methods, like traps. It all depends on the type of pest we are dealing with and the extent of the infestation. In some cases, we may even use multiple methods to get the pests under control.

    For example, if you have a bed bug infestation, tenting and fumigation will likely be necessary. Conversely, a small rodent infestation could be handle using several carefully placed traps and maybe some poison. We will assess the situation during our investigation, and afterward, we’ll let you know which elimination method seems ideal.

    Professionals At A-1

    Don’t let those pests get the upper hand. Call the pest control professionals at A-1 Bonded Termite today. Our Tustin pest control technicians are highly experienced and very knowledgeable, so you know we’ll get the job done right the first time. We have several different plans for you to choose from, so we will let you set a customized pest control schedule that suits your individual needs.

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