Pest Control in Santa Ana California


A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. is your primary choice for pest control in Santa Ana. With our headquarters in Anaheim, we are your local and reliable pest control experts.  A-1 Bonded Termite has been servicing pest control in Santa Ana, Anaheim, and the surrounding areas for over forty years.

A pest problem can be very stressful when you know your haven does not feel safe. A-1 Bonded Termite will make your home as comfortable as if your tiny intruders were never there. Call for questions or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.


What parts of the house get inspected?

If there already is an infestation, we inspect the spots around where the pest problem exists. We need to determine where the pest entered your home to prevent future infestations. Also, during a routine inspection, we locate these possible entry points to the interior of your home.

Let your A-1 certified inspector know of any past pest problems or if you have seen signs of an infestation anywhere else in your home.  If we locate an area that is infested, pest treatment will start.


Pest Treatments

Treatments are different depending on the severity of the infestation: the size, where the infestation is, and the length of time the pest has been a nuisance.  If the problem only exists in the front of the house we are not going to treat the entire house – That is unnecessary. However, if a severe infestation takes place, often with a termite or bed bug infestation, tenting and fumigation are necessary.   From rodents to termites, each pest calls for different pest removal and treatments.


Warning: Do not spray harmful chemicals into the air: inside and outside. It might not be enough to get the spot you are trying to target, but you could be breathing in harmful chemicals instead.

Inside the walls will take a couple of visits before we are going to see the all-clear results.

Wood Repair

When termite and other wood-boring insects attack, they are thorough and devour the wood in our house and the wooden furniture we own.

More on Wood Repairs

Preventing Pests

You may keep the cleanest and most organized home, but pests will still find a way inside. Opening your front door, you can let in a swarm of termites. One night you may forget to close the garage door, and a family of rodents sneaks and begin to multiply within days. Or the heat from a hot, hot Santa Ana Summer day causes just enough warping to form a gap on your kitchen windowsill, exposing a path for an ant colony to move right into your kitchen.  We have seen all these scenarios, but here are some tips that may help keep your home pest-free:


Remove all lawn trimming, sticks, and other debris off your property. Brushes and trees should be trimmed back from the house. Garbage Cans should be closed and sealed shut. Leaving out food and water for the birds should be monitored. Birdseed might attract mice/rats and standing water will attract mosquitoes (There are birdbath treatments sold at stores to prevent mosquitos from breeding in your birdbaths.)


AIt is important to store all uneaten food in tightly-sealed containers. And discarded food should be kept in airtight garbage cans. It is essential to leave no crumbs on the floor or counters, as crumbs become great feasts for pests. Check the sealing around windows and doors regularly. One small hole can let many little pests into your interior.


Most people are quickly in and out of their garages, making them an ideal place for mice and spider nests to go unnoticed. Be sure to take the time to properly maintain the interior of your garage to prevent pests from sneaking into this ideal living space.

A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. is the best pest control company in Santa Ana, California. We are licensed, insured, and bonded.  We give our clients the service they need, keep up with regular pest control, and stop future infestations.  Call today to find out when we can start up a plan that best suits your home.

Interesting California Pest Fact:

Insects will pop up during different parts of the year. Some swarm in the hundreds, thousands, and hundred-of-thousands seemingly just flying together, but it is much more than that. Colonies of insects in the air help mature males and females get a chance to reproduce so a new generation can arrive. Just recently, in early June 2019, a swarm of millions of ladybugs pops up on the weather radar. The ladybugs were between 5,000 to 9,000 feet in the air and covering an 80-mile radius. Ladybugs are not a threat but considered a nuisance pest when these little bugs take over our windowsill or swarm in masses.



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