Pest Control In Orange

Your home is much more than just a dwelling. It’s a place where you create everlasting memories, raise your family, and even spend most of your life. A home should be where those who enter can let their guard down, relax, and sleep peacefully. No matter what home means to you, it’s a place we all deserve to feel safe and comfortable in with no worries of what may be lurking next to us. Your home is meant for you and whomever you welcome inside, not for whoever decides to let themselves in. Here at A-1 Bonded Termite Inc. is here to professional conduct pest control in Orange, Ca.

For instance, the city of Orange hosts a wide variety of pests and critters. And, if any insects and rodents take up your real estate, they will not mind you are there. These pests don’t ask for permission to enter your home, from ants to spiders, termites, and even rodents. They let themselves inside.

Reclaim Your Home

That’s why A-1 Bonded Termite is here to be the gatekeeper for you so you can get back to living a much more stress-free life. A-1’s goal is to find, stop, and prevent any pests from entering and infesting your home so that you have one less thing to make you worry.


Trained and Licensed Technicians

Our fully trained and licensed technicians can spot and stop signs of activity and infestation before they get out of hand. An occasional invader may not be a big deal at first. Still, it could be a larger issue festering inside the walls of your home.

Inside and out, pests enter from wherever they can seem to fit themselves. It takes only the smallest crack or crevice for an insect to find an entrance into your home. Take it from us the inside of your home is far more luxurious living to pests than living on the outside.

Life can already be stressful enough. Pests shouldn’t even be on the list of everyday worries. Don’t let things get out of hand. Let A1 Bonded Termite stop insects and rodents from taking over your home and reclaim what is yours.

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What’s Invading Your Homes

  • Ants- There are a variety of ants that are widely common in Orange. From the annoying Odorous House Ant to the dreaded Carpenter Ants, these little pests can be a nuisance and even cause hazardous damages to your home.
  • Spiders- Spiders are notorious in Orange, and while some love them and others hate them, the one thing that’s for sure is they don’t belong in your home. A-1 can help treat and prevent these eight-legged creatures from taking refuge in your home and even with taking down the Halloween decorations they leave throughout the year.
  • Termites- Termites can be a true home-wrecker, and most of the time, you won’t even know they’re there. A-1 can treat and prevent all primary termites such as the Dampwood, Drywood, and most common Subterranean If you are experiencing termites in your home, you’ll most likely find wood damage. But to eliminate any worries about wood damage, we are a true one-stop-shop and offer wood repairing services.
  • Rodents- Rodents are very much active in Orange. It’s only a matter of time before they start looking at your house as their new home. Rodents can be very invasive and cause a laundry list of issues and even transmit diseases to you and your family. A-1 can prevent them before they get too out of hand. If you think you are experiencing any rodent activity, it’s not too late. We can inspect your home and stop them in their tracks.
  • Specialty Pest– Some pests are significantly less frequent than others. Issues such as Bed Bugs, German Cockroaches, and even Ticks and Fleas are specific pests requiring a much more in-depth treatment plan than common household critters. These pests are often eradicated for good after being treated. Still, if left untreated, they can pose serious health and safety issues. To see a full list of all specialty pests, we cover check out our Specialty Pest list.


Are you looking to see if we cover another specific pest? Check out our Pest Library or Contact Us and get all your questions answered!

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Why A-1?

There are many reasons why A-1 Bonded Termite is the solution to all of your pest problems. Even if you don’t currently have any specific issues, we’re able to prevent pests from ever becoming an issue for you.

We offer various scheduling programs for pest control, so you choose how often you want to see us! Additionally, we have warranties that come with our services. We will create custom-tailored treatment plans for each specific pest problem.

We understand how different pests operate, which allows us to understand what the next move should be. Every situation involving pests may require a certain amount of creativity and education to overcome the problem at hand.

Pest Prevention

Our goal is to effectively treat and prevent pest activity and infestations of any size by providing our technicians with the proper education and training needed to tackle any job. We will spot the problem, treat it, and keep you up to date on all the activity happening in and around your home.

Pests come in all different shapes, sizes, and even behavior trends. We know best from our vast experience because A-1 has been serving the city of Orange since 1976. That’s over 40 years of doing pest control in Orange! There hasn’t been a problem that we haven’t come across and have been unable to overcome yet. We require and strictly follow the California Department of Agriculture’s education and pesticide application guidelines. Also, we educate our technicians further on pests and management techniques.



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