Orange County Pest Control

To start off with, at A-1 Bonded Termite, we understand you have had enough of pests. First, we provide Orange County pest control and provide services for a variety of nuisances, from bugs to rodents.

Usually, by the time you see pests, a bigger problem has already there. However, mousetraps only provide temporary relief and may be difficult to maintain. Also, the pests may be between your walls, within your furniture, and under your floorboards.

As always, we ensure that your home is pest-free and take preventative measures to ensure they don’t come back.

Please do not hesitate to call for help. As always, we want the best for you and your family.

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Orange County Pest Control Inspections

During an inspection, we look around the problem areas of your home, whether it is in the interior or exterior.

If the problem is in the interior of your home, we are likely to investigate the kitchen area. Above all places in the house, that’s where pests are most likely to congregate. Of course, your food source unknowingly becomes theirs too. For example, one little tiny breadcrumb to us seems like nothing, but ants eat your crumbs without fuss. Also, it is important that we go through the house to make sure there are no hidden areas.

Once we locate all the interior problem areas, we can efficiently eliminate the issues you are having.

First, always keep each room in your home clean and clear. Including rooms, such as the basement and attic space. In fact, all rooms are important to keep clear of pests. Plus without clutter, our team has the chance to get into all areas of your home. If you are unable, there are services that will help clean and clear. Minimalistic living is important to keep your house clean and pest-free.



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    *Restrictions apply for some real estate transactions and multi-unit buildings. Call for details.

    Checking the exterior allows us to see where the pests are entering your home from the outside. To help prevent future infestations of any pests, we recommend keeping your lawn and garden at least one foot away from the base of your house.

    orange county pest control inspections

    Overgrown bushes and gardens that grow toward the foundation may be too difficult to upkeep. Yearly landscaping will make sure you aren’t creating too comfortable of a home for creatures next to your house. They will soon burrow and nest in your home mistaking their home for yours.

    Getting In And Getting Them Out Is Why We Are Here

    Pest control can be challenging – Successful pest control should be left to the professionals. It helps us eliminate the problem at hand, but every product needs to be used properly and equipment may need to be worn. Incorrect placement or improperly used DIY treatments are discouraged without expert advice. Please call us if you have questions about pest treatments: 714-502-9230.

    Do not hesitate to contact us, we offer FREE* inspections.

    We ask questions to better understand what the issues that you might need help with. Orange County pest control is our priority to keep every home and local business protected and pest-free.