Norwalk Pest Control

In Norwalk, pest control is beneficial and necessary to maintain a safe home. But, unfortunately, one of the last things they consider for their home maintenance routines is pest control for the average homeowner.

The city of Norwalk sits comfortably at the heart of the endlessly busy Los Angeles. The bustling city life and close distance from the beach make life in Norwalk highly desirable. Life in Norwalk is fun and dynamic, which means that it is generally the last concern for pest control.

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Pests and their vicious breeding cycles continue to grow out of hand, and species learn new ways of invading homes. So there is no better time to hire a professional pest service than today. We have been serving Norwalk, California, for well over three decades and know what it takes to achieve proper pest control.

Local Solutions from Local Experts

Every pest control professional agrees that Norwalk pest control is essential for maintaining a safe, pest-free home. Even more, a standard run-of-the-mill pest service is not enough to properly preserve homes in Norwalk.

A-1 Bonded Termite has three decades of experience servicing Norwalk and Southern California as a whole. Using this experience, the A-1 Bonded Termite technician can make better, more accurate treatment plans.

Not every pest is controlled the same, and understanding common problems in different city areas is crucial for effective services. Therefore, instead of treating every house the same, each customer needs to have a custom treatment plan for every service.

The A-1 Bonded Termite technician will inspect your home at every service for current pests running around, signs of pest activity and tailor the treatment to combat recent activity.

pest-free kitchen in Norwalk
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Home Inspections

Getting set up on a home inspection is the first step in the pest control process. Thorough home inspections will shed light on a lot of potential activity around your home. Since pests are often small and quiet, they could be building up their local population in the walls of your home without you even realizing it.

Infestations are typically slow build-ups over time of pests thriving in one specific location, eventually spilling over into the rest of the home. Setting up a home inspection with A-1 Bonded Termite will help identify pest activity around the house.

Our technicians can use various tools during a home inspection, such as moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, and even motion detectors for troublesome areas. Home inspections can take up to a couple of hours to ensure the whole home gets a thorough inspection.

After the inspection, the technician will take all the data they collected and generate a report for you to keep. This report will detail specific pest activity around the house, possible harborage areas, areas of concern, and recommendations to help mitigate pest activity.

Wood Destroying Insects and Repairs

Unfortunately, living in such a beautiful city like Norwalk does have its drawbacks. For most homeowners, hearing the word “termite” could cause panic and be grounds for worrying. In California, termites cause millions of dollars in damages every year, which has forced the A-1 Bonded Termite team to learn to pivot and adapt to these highly prevalent pests.

Termites are wood-destroying insects because they consume the cellulose found in wood. These stealthy creatures will travel in large colonies underground until they find a food source. Once they found a start, they constructed mud tubes to safely travel from the colony to the food source.

These pests can cause massive damage to homes over time if left untreated. The scariest part about termites is that they could be consuming the wood in a home without the homeowners ever knowing.

termites starting from underground attacking your property

Fortunately, A-1 Bonded Termite has been treating termite infestations across Southern California for over three decades. The team comes ready to stop an infestation and is prepared to repair any damages caused by termites.


Preventing Pests

There are a lot of different steps and precautions that go into Norwalk pest control. Below are some tips on helping you gain successful control of pests around your home, in addition to hiring a pest service.


Maintain a Clean Home

There are many reasons to keep your home clean, but in terms of pests, this will help immensely. When a home is left unattended, grime and build-up can be excellent attractants for pests to source as food. So, in addition to providing sources of food, a home lacking cleanliness can also offer a thriving environment for pests to thrive in and grow.

Some pests, like cockroaches, need the build-up of dirt and grease to live in, just like other pests will lay eggs on carpet or even eat it! Keeping up with a routine cleaning shedding will eliminate these attractants and further reduce pest activity in the home.

lawn pest control spray

Lawn and Exterior Home Maintenance

Just like taking care of the inside will reduce pest activity, maintaining the exterior of the house and lawn will do the same as well. In this case, overgrown bushes, grass, and trees provide pests with food and shelter from predators and the elements. Any tree or vegetation growing onto the house will act as a bridge for pests to easily access the home.

For example, picking up after dogs, pulling weeds, and other general yard maintenance will help in reducing overall activity. However, it is essential to keep in mind that these will not prevent pests completely but reduce overall activity.

Contact the Professionals!

Finally, the best way to prevent pests is to hire a professional team to do it for you, like A-1 Bonded Termite! Letting the professionals handle pest activity around your home will stop infestations before they can even occur and leave you with peace of mind.


Norwalk Pest Control Pros!

Finding a Norwalk pest control team is necessary because pest activity is inevitable in Southern California. Turn to the A-1 Bonded Termite team to handle all your pest control needs! For over three decades, A-1 Bonded Termite has served the Southern California area, tackling everything from a simple ant job to full-on termite infestation and repairs.

Our team understands the specific needs of our customers by undergoing continuous training. As well as, documentation of pest activity around different areas of Norwalk. Contact A-1 Bonded Termite today to receive a free estimate on a routine pest service. Please ask if there are any concerns you may have about pest activity around your home.


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