5 Mouse Traps That Work

Mice activity is the last thing you want to see around your home, especially in food preparation areas. Once mice activity is confirmed, you must begin to eradicate them before they completely take over. Mice have vicious breeding cycles and will quickly take up residency in no time. Mouse traps that work are out there, but you have to know where to set them up and how to use them.  

A typical gestation period for a female mouse is about 20 days, yielding three to fourteen pups at a time. The longer mice have to breed, the more likely they are to spread disease and wreak havoc on the house. Mice are notorious for spreading harmful diseases and causing damage to homes.

Fortunately, mice leave evident traces of their activity through signs of droppings, urine, and random marks of chewing.


When looking for mice traps to fight off infestations, there are a few considerations you must take into account. Mice can be tricky, which means there is no one size fits all.

  • Infestation Size- The type of trap you choose should vary depending on the number of mice running around. Single traps can only catch one mouse at a time which may require more of your attention.
  • Ethics- How humanely do you care about removing the mice from your home?
  • Baits- A trap is only as good as its bait! Picking the right bait is essential to keep mice interested regardless of their suspicion.
  • Time- Are you going to have the time and energy to tend to the traps and ensure they are emptied or set?

Types of Traps

Each trap below serves a distinct purpose that traps mice differently. In the end, they all serve one purpose, to catch mice! Find out what mouse trap that works best for your property.


#1 Snap Traps

Tested throughout time, snap traps are a lot of industry professionals’ go-to choices for mice traps. They offer quick results and humane treatment of the mice by quickly killing them before realizing what happened. The issue with snap traps does not always catch the mouse if they approach the trap head-on.

snap mouse trap that works but unsanitary removal

#2 Multi-Catch

For larger infestations, a multi-catch trap may be a viable option. These traps allow mice to find themselves inside them but no way out. The most significant advantage of a multi-catch trap is capturing more than one mouse at a time. However, a crucial disadvantage is the mice will remain captured until properly relocated, which means wait times could cause death.

 #3 Electric

Electric traps are growing in popularity and are typically a quick and humane way to catch a mouse. These traps zap each rodent as they step in, stopping them in their tracks. Ensuring these traps remain fully charged can prove to be tedious; otherwise, they are entirely ineffective.

#4 Glue

Glue traps are another tried and true way to catch mice effectively. All it takes is a bit of bait, and a mouse can easily find itself stuck on the glue. These traps are highly effective, but they may not serve a humane purpose. Mice tend to die while waiting to be removed, which can take a few hours to days or weeks. Other times they may not land all four limbs on the glue and instead be stuck running around partly stuck.

safe for mouse trap that works

#5 Live Trap

Otherwise known as a catch and release trap, these traps are a way to catch a mouse without causing harm. Though they are more humane than other options, they require you to be attentive; otherwise, the mouse may suffer. You can leave food and water in the trap for them to have, but it does not refill itself.

Calling in the Professionals

It can be an uphill battle that requires a professional’s touch when it comes to removing a mouse infestation. A-1 Bonded Termite is ready to get rid of the mice and make sure they do not return. Our technicians come with certified industry education to identify activity, high traffic areas, and entry points.

Let us take the pressure out of picking the right trap and handle of the mice from beginning to end. We will also perform exclusion work to stop any activity from growing or coming back after we have finished. Mice are a danger to your home because they can spread disease and chew on wires or insulation.

Homeowners should not hesitate to act when they begin to see mice activity around the home. Take back your home by letting the A-1 Bonded Termite team loose on the mice! Contact us today for a free estimate and to get more details on our mice removal program.