How Do I Get Rid Of Mice?

Although they can be cute, mice are known to damage your belongings and wreak havoc on your home. They can carry diseases and bacteria, and their droppings are known to worsen existing conditions such as Asthma and specific Allergies. Wondering how do I get rid of mice, this article will provide ways to detect a mouse problem. Also, methods to prevent mice from entering your home, and approaches to eliminate these rodents in your home.

Preventative Measures

First, we will go over a few simple preventative measures so that you and your family can avoid a mouse infestation. Our professionals seal entry points that these rodents can access and immediately close them off with sturdy materials like steel wool or caulk.  Access spots for rodents to enter includes weather stripping, vents, chimneys, and gaps beneath your doorways. After inspecting any entry points, remove anything that the mice could be using as shelter outside of your home. Mice can use get cover from overgrown weeds or plants, fallen branches, and stacks of firewood. Lastly, we recommend keeping up with sanitation throughout your home. Mice can survive on as little as 4 grams of food a day, making a few crumbs enough for a fully grown mouse to survive on.

brown house mouse eating


The number one way to recognize a mouse infestation is by seeing their droppings left throughout your home. Mice tend to avoid open spaces, so look along your walls and the corners of your floorboards for 1/8-inch dark brown droppings, which resemble a grain of rice. Mice like to create beds or nests in warm areas in your home. Nesting areas include a small space behind your refrigerator or in a laundry room so that they can have a comfortable space to rest. If there are mice in your home, you will most likely see 1 – 1 ½ inch holes in things like; paper bags, pet food, or birdseed containers, and even drywall! When your infestation has gotten to the point where mice are in your house’s structure, we recommend calling one of our technicians immediately.

Eliminating Mice

Now that we have covered preventative and detection tips, we will cover methods for eliminating a mouse infestation from your home. Some people like to handle things on their own, so we’ll go over some at-home solutions for those individuals. The most recognizable at-home answer against mice is the mousetrap. These traps are spring-loaded metal clasps that will shut down on a mouse, delivering a killing blow when they are going for the bait left in the device. Another method is bait stations. A bait station provides a small desirable space for mice to enter and eat the rodent killer left out. If at-home solutions are not solving your mouse problem, you should immediately call a professional before the infestation worsens.


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As stated previously, not all homes are mouse-proof! Even the most maintained homes can experience a rodent sighting. Suppose you can detect a mouse infestation even after you practiced all preventative measures. In that case, you can utilize some of the tips provided above to eliminate the issue at its source. However, some individuals report experiencing rodent issues after they use their at-home solution. If you share your home with these rodents and would like them eliminated by one of the industry’s top professionals, call A-1 Bonded Termite Inc. at (714) 502-9230.