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How Ants Benefit The Environment


With 140 million years of evolutionary experience built into them, ants may be one of the most amazing and intriguing beings on the planet. Besides Antarctica and a few other uninhabitable places, ants thrive in nearly all environments. They might just be the most versatile insect when it comes to the survival of a species. We, as humans, have even turned to them to help better our societies. It is wonderful how ants benefit the environment.

In Your Garden

When you think of ants, you might not think they are any benefit to you. Especially when you are trying to keep your home free pest. But ants are doing a lot of work behind the scenes that may make you think twice about killing one. Ants act as a natural garbage service. Disposing of dead animals, insects, and crumbs, you have dropped. They are also known to be helpful exterminators, ridding you of many other unwanted household pests. Some people have even employed them as groundskeepers for their gardens. Their intricate tunnels act as natural aeration to the surrounding areas and provide the distribution of essential nutrients. They also distribute seeds and help in pollinate plants while out hunting and gathering.

They Keep Pets

Ants are fascinating in so many ways. Myrmecology is the scientific study of ants. Early scientists believed ants might hold the answers to many of society’s problems. And they might be right. There are many things we are still learning about in the ant world, but what we have learned is truly amazing. They behave in many of the same ways as we do. They teach their young and even keep pets. Keeping aphids protected to harvest their honeydew. They will also create farms to raise the aphids allowing other ants to visit for a drink at their local watering hole.

Living with Them

Ants may not always be a welcome sight when trying to keep your home or garden free from pests. Luckily, they might be helping us behind the curtains, whether we like it or not. They will continue building their mini-cities, go hunting and gathering for food, and just surviving as they have been for millions of years. But we should still maintain a healthy balance of coexistence with them. Having an ant infestation can be devastating to your property.

fire ant on grass



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