Do All Houses Have Mice?

It may come as a surprise, but at one point or another, every home will encounter a mouse. That doesn’t mean you have mice living with you currently. But as you read this, a sneaky little mouse could be planning their entry into your house. They are forever seeking food and shelter and what better place than a fully stocked pantry or a warm insulated attic to raise future generations of mice.




deer mouse by a house eating peanuts left out for squirrels and birds

Methods To Keeping Them Away

There are many great methods for keeping mice away or getting rid of them if they have already taken up residency. Contrary to popular belief, a clean and tidy home does not exempt you from infestation, but it does help. Leaving food out uncovered is a recipe for disaster. Not only are you giving them easy food, but they are also leaving droppings. Also, possible diseases in your food. If you see droppings, it is time to come up with an extermination plan. Whether it is a do-it-yourself remedy or calling a professional, please do not wait until it is too late. One mouse can produce upwards to 35 mice a year and can start reproducing as young as six weeks old.


You never want to open your cabinets and find your favorite cereal eaten by your new worst tenant. Or mouse droppings covering everything you worked hard to acquire. Don’t get discouraged. You can regain control over your house. It is important to make sure there are no entry points for mice to find their way in. For example, a hole as small as a dime is big enough for entry. Make sure to seal all points of entry with something mice can not chew through.

house mouse isolated on white background

Rodent Control

Not all houses will end up being infested by mice. Some may be more prone to mice trying to gain entry. Whether you live in an area with a high mouse population or not, the possibilities are high that you will encounter one of these pests. Schedule your Free* appointment with the experts at A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc here.


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