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A-1 Bonded Termite will conduct pest control treatment in the areas that it is needed most. We will provide future inspections and preventatives to make sure your pest problems do not return.

No job is too big or too small when dealing with a pest infestation.  A small infestation can lead to huge problems and will be taken care of swiftly. Large infestations are managed with ongoing treatments or fumigation designed specifically for large pest problems.

Once we start to conduct pest control fumigations and or local treatments, you start to see results after just a couple of scheduled appointments.

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Termites Never Sleep

Termites never sleep. They build their colonies 24 hours a day, every day, until they die.

There are over 2,700 termite species in the world. Subterranean termites cause more damage than dry-wood and damp-wood termites. Formosan termites, a species of subterranean termite, are responsible for the greatest amount of damage in the U.S. and here in Southern California.

Be on the lookout for small piles that look like sawdust underneath your wooden furniture. These piles could be refuse from dry-wood termite known as frass. As termites consume wood, they create kick out holes that are used to push frass out of the nest.


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Rats Never Die

Although technically their lifespan is relatively short, the rat as a species have been around for 16 million years, since the Paleocene Era! The rat is one of the first mammalian species to arise on our planet. Rats have been around since just after the dinosaurs. But it is never too soon to call us for rat control. Once protected by A-1, rodents will try to get inside, but will find every entryway guarded and turn the other way.

Rat Facts:

  • Rats can jump up to 3.5 feet sometimes, entering through the chimney on your roof of your home, giving them the nickname roof rats.
  • Rats and mice are nocturnal, so if you see activity during the day, that is a sign of a large infestation.
  • A rat infestation is considered somewhat serious as rats possess many harmful diseases.

Ants Go Marching

If you see a couple of ants circling around a crumb or two in your kitchen, there might be a bigger problem. We conduct pest control all throughout the year dealing with ant infestations.

Carpenter ants make tunnels and nests in wood. If you don’t notice an infestation in time, they can cause serious structural damage to your house just like termites.

A carpenter ant infestation usually means that there is a moisture problem. They are likely to be found on moist/wet wood, near sinks and leaky pipes. Our team can help you seal cracks and openings around the foundation, especially where utility pipes and wires enter from the outside.

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Mice Will Play

In the wild, you can find them under or between the crevices in rocks or in underground burrows. Your home they burrow within your floors and walls. In the wild, their main diet consists of eating grass, seeds, flowers and fruits. In your house, they eat everything. Pantry items, cardboard, wood, even plaster and insulation.

First, with an inspection of any kind, we find the points of entry way and seal them up. If a pencil can slip under a door, a mouse can get under it. Once inside, their amazing sense of smell lead them right to your food sources, as mice eat between 15 and 20 times a day. They then hide to nest, breed, and defecate within your walls. A house mouse produces between 40 and 100 droppings per day! If you notice droppings, or if you are (un)lucky enough to see a mouse, call us for an inspection so we can find the spot they entered.

Tips – Things to Do Around Your Home Before We Conduct Pest Control

  • Wash floors and clean carpets to get rid of crumbs, spills, and every day debris that attract pests
  • Don’t forget to sweep and vacuum the corners where dust and hair collect; mice use these materials to make nests.
  • De-clutter your basement, closets, or attic. Clutter can make an inviting home for pests. Remove debris from around your house such as cardboard boxes. Pests may nest in ceiling voids, storage boxes, in walls, under appliances, and within upholstery.
  • Keep your yard tidy. Do not leave piles of yard waste. Get rid of any decayed lumber or firewood, which termites prefer over sound wood.

If the problem is in the interior of your home, we are likely to investigate the kitchen area as that is where pests are most likely to congregate. Your food source unknowingly becomes theirs too. One little tiny breadcrumb to us seems like nothing, but it can feed an ant for a week. It is important that we go through of the house just to make sure there are no hidden areas with pests that you might not know about. Once all interior problem areas have been located we can efficiently eliminate the issues you are having.



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A-1 Bonded Termite we are here to help you conduct pest control at your home or business. Once we identify the specific issue that you are having, we will take proper action to ensure that they will never step a foot in your home or business again.