Commercial Pest Control

A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. offers our Commercial customers several options. We realize that being pest-free is NOT OPTIONAL for many commercial customers; it is MANDATORY. We will customize a package to meet your individual needs and partner with your business to ensure pests a thing of the past.

Get commercial pest control done right. Get it done professionally with A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc.

As a local business owner ourselves, we take pride in keeping the businesses in our home community pest-free. We love protecting our customers and making them feel comfortable in knowing that their business is pest-free.

Suppose you are seeing anything crawling, hear chewing, or finding damaged items. In that case, it is time to contact A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc.

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Storage Facilities

Storage Unit businesses are a hot spot for rodents and cockroaches. From very old to brand new items, any customer will be upset losing their property due to pest destruction. The storage management industry should always make sure the clients renting the provided space have ongoing pest control.

storage units commercial pest control
commercial pest control for office buildings

Office Buildings

People working in one big building bring lunches to eat at their desks and then throw away the trash. For instance, trash left in garbage cans will attract many different pests, basically inviting them in. For example, even if your office carries solely paper products, plenty of pests chew on paper like rodents, termites, and silverfish.

Grocery Stores

Even though food is kept cool and freezers stay frozen, we have seen every pest we service inside grocery stores.

Contamination of food from pests is dangerous to your customers. Make sure to have only licensed professionals perform any treatments. Contact A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. for pest control for a grocery store business you are supervising.

grocery stores need commercial pest control
mall with elevators leading to many stores


An excellent way for pests to travel in a short time is at a mall. We will often find them in the food court because of food, water, and plenty of shelter areas. All stores become susceptible when there is an infestation in the mall. Especially when walkways and back-hallways leading from one store to another needs protection. Unfortunately, once any merchandise becomes toxic it needs to be thrown out and this can be a very costly obligation. Contact us if you have a store in a strip mall or a large shopping center.

Restaurants and Fast Food Operations

It is 100% necessary to keep clean and sanitary pest-free restaurants. Selling food comes with liabilities. Suppose a customer of yours were to get ill from contaminated food from a pest infestation. In that case, responsibility is first taken place on the owner of the restaurant. Constant pest inspections to ensure a safe place to cook and serve food requires all restaurants and venues with food operations. The most common restaurant pests are rodents, cockroaches, and also wasps, and bees.

Don’t leave sugary drinks or sticky spills to draw in bees and wasps. Read more on how to deal with wasp nests.

hotel resort pest control

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels are supposed to provide an environment that is tidy and clean. Pest control in hotels, motels, and resorts is necessary if you want the guests to return. If a rodent or bed bug infestation is visible, you will have some angry people never to return. Upkeep your hotels and resorts with regular pest inspections.

Multi-Unit communities, Nursing Homes Community, and Complexes

It is your responsibility to keep a safe environment for everyone in the building. Infestations spread, mainly where there are lots of people and food. When pests go from one room to another, they increasing the colony size. As well as invading the inside of the walls and food areas. Having regular inspections and listening to occupants within the homeowners association. Listening to the tenants pest concerns and HOA pest control will help you keep pest-free buildings.

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Monthly | Bi-Monthly | Quarterly

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Monthly Service

We offer a monthly service to foodservice organizations to comply with health department regulations. Many businesses and service industries cannot afford to have pests interfere with their day to day operations.  Monthly service of target pests ensures no interruption or inconvenience to your customers.

Bi-Monthly Service

We offer bi-monthly service to our commercial customers who want control of target or common pests. This control is mostly obtained through exterior treatments and interior as required. This frequency is useful for non-food-related commercial customers with mild to moderate infestations.

Quarterly Service

We do not recommend this frequency for most commercial customers. Most retail customers have above average traffic and cleaning that will not ensure protection to last three months between services.

One-Time Service

One-time service is offered to our commercial customers on a limited basis with a 30-day warranty for the target pest.  This frequency is not recommended for most commercial customers.

All frequencies include notification before service, removing cobwebs from exterior eaves, windows, and doors.  Callbacks are included at no charge if the customer sees a recurrence of the covered pests.



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    *Restrictions apply for some real estate transactions and multi-unit buildings. Call for details.