Cockroach Killer

There is no way possible to have a cockroach killer to eliminate all cockroaches from Earth. Cockroaches have existed on this planet long before us and will remain long after we are gone. However, we can eliminate cockroaches from within your home or business.

Different types of cockroaches will look and act very much differently, but the one thing in common is they are a nuisance and all of them can make your property a hazard for humans and pets to be around.

Breathing the waste that cockroaches leave behind can trigger serious breathing and health concerns even in the healthiest people and pets. Do NOT waste time and money on over the counter shelf cockroach killer spray; sprays are harmful for you applying them if proper gear is not worn, without proper ventilation, and food items are not safely stored. Pets are another concern that deals with any consumer-grade cockroach killer. Some animals need to be placed in a safe environment before any treat is placed. From dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and even your fish tank; don’t get the treatment anywhere they can be around.

do not use cockroach killer from the store

American cockroaches

American Cockroaches are the largest of pest cockroaches and they live the longest. They make their presence known, because they are very large at amount 2 inches.  Also known to be stinky – like a dirty sock. 

Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches might be confused for a beetle and given the nickname “water bug”, but do not let that term fool you. Unlike water bugs, they can live in any environment.  But if you do have any leaks in your home, you may find these little guys swimming around puddles under your sink cabinets.


German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are the smallest and the quickest. Their speed and ability to squeeze through tiny gaps, make it tougher catching them before they spread to other spaces.

Call A-1 Bonded Termite for any questions or concerns about cockroach killer or cockroach control. It is best to leave treatment for the professionals. We make sure the environment is being protected while keeping your house free for cockroaches. A cockroach infestation will not go away on its own.  Using consumer-grade cockroach killer treatments do not get the job done or may make the problem worse.

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