At A-1 Bonded Termite, we appreciate nature and the pests we control.  Outside of your home, we know that these pests are respected animals, essential parts of the local ecosystem.  When appropriate, we use the most eco-friendly techniques to remove pest problems.
 In this article, we would like to share what eats termites and how delightful termites can be when they are not invading homes and businesses.   Without termites our earth would be overrun with fungus and rotten wood. They play a symbiotic part, as a cleaner/recycler and as a food source to different kinds of animal species.

Can You Name 5 Termite-Eating Animals??

  1. Birds

Many bird species eat termites.  More specifically in our Southern California area, the Kookaburra is a main predator of termitesThese birds are laughing all the way to the termite mound.

You can find them sticking most of their bird body inside mounds, making themselves comfortable at the dinner table. When kookaburras finish their meal, they will take over the termites home, worked on so hard by the termites, as a newly-carved bird house. 

  1. Bonobos


So, we’re cheating a little on this one because you cannot find these apes in the wild in California, but you can see them live at the San Diego Zoo.

Bonobos use a stick to draw back their favorite snack, termites, from their termite mounds.  They rely on the insects for a high-protein diet. Most of the day at the zoo you can catch one of these highly-intelligent primates at an authentic termite mound snacking away on termites.

You can watch these apes at any time online on the San Diego zoo live ape-cam.


  1. Carpenter Ant

Carpenter ants compete for the same space as termites, mainly subterranean termites. Subterranean termites create mud tubes for this purpose – to keep ants out and their termite family safe.

Carpenter ant armies are termites main predators.

  1. Southern California Legless Lizard

This legless lizard is made to be the perfect size for fitting into a termite mound.  This lizard loves to eat termites and other small insects and is indigenous to Southern California.


  1. Humans!!

You have heard us right! Some people enjoy eating termites. We haven’t tried them, but from what’s been said…

Raw termites taste like pineapple and cooked termites takes like veggies!

That doesn’t sound so bad.

Maybe one day…


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