You May Need More Than Bed Bug Spray

At A-1 Bonded Termite we know it’s going to take more than bed bug spray to get rid of your bed bug problem. To remove bed bugs from the property it may take a couple of visits (depending on the severity of your infestation) to make sure the bed bug removal is effective.  Many bed bug infestations can be taken care of with local treatments, but in extreme cases structural fumigation for bed bugs becomes necessary.

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Where do bed bugs come from?

Bed bugs can come in from anywhere – it is tough to determine exactly how they arrive on your property. The most common way to get bed bugs is traveling.  You may unknowingly travel home with bed bug nymphs hiding in your clothes and luggage.

life cycle of a bed bug and why you need more than bed bug spray

Travel tips to avoid bed bugs

  • If you stay in a hotel room, be sure to check for bugs before sleeping on the mattress. Check along the piping, seams, and tags where bed bugs tend to hide.
  • Try not to leave clothes lying on the floor, it will give them a place to hid, and later infest.
  • Bags and purses should be hung on a hook or placed on a table, or they will have easy access to your beglongings.

It is not uncommon to treat a bag of clothes after a trip with bed bug spray before coming in contact with your laundry at home.

Bed Bugs are hard to find, at first

It is hard to notice bed bugs, at first. They are nocturnal, and usually don’t come out to feed until the earliest hours of the morning, and they hide very well.  You are more likely to find evidence that bed bugs leave behind than bed bugs themselves.  Tiny drops of your blood on sheets from their bites, and itchy redness on the skin when you awake are two clear signs of an infestation.

If a bed bug infestation becomes unmanageable, professionals need to address the areas of concern.  Treating a bed bug infestation is not a one-time visit. It does require multiple treatments and follow up to make sure your unwanted bed bugs are gone for good.

Cleaning up may take some time.

Seal up using plastic bags with contaminated items and treat them according to our instructions. It is very important to follow directions and instructions, and not to over use any bed bug spray.

If couches, beds, and carpets become overwrought with infestation it may be time for structural fumigation.

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Extreme Cases: Fumigation

In the most extreme cases, when localized treatment and bed bug spray is not solving the problem, it is time to turn to tenting the entire structure.  We use chemicals with the least amount of environmental impact and most amount of effectiveness to eliminate the problem completely within 24 hours.  After tenting, your house is safe to return to within 48 hours and you can breathe easy knowing that your home is 100% bed bug free.

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