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Ongoing Ant Control is Better Than An Ant Exterminator

An ant exterminator sounds like a great idea but to truly take care of any pest infestation, the problem must be controlled and maintained.  Without finding the source of the ant problems, eliminating ants is only temporary, as they will move back in. Keeping ants out of your house will be an ongoing process if the correct preventives are not in use.

Ants are mostly harmless. Most species don’t bite, or their bites do not hurt. Ants are a wonderful Earth-cleaner, cleaning up rot and decay in nature.  To rid them from Earth would be leaving a big mess behind.

Even though they are considered a nuisance pest, there are a few ant species in Southern California that can be quite problematic and need more than just an ant exterminator:


Argentine ants

Large colonies with multiple queens grow argentine ant population rapidly. Argentine ants feed on refuse and garbage and because of their vast numbers, quickly spread bacteria throughout your home and businesses. Argentine ants love the structures we reside in and enjoy the food we provide. Careless kitchen behavior like dropped food and not cleaning sticky spills will attract ants. Sweep after each meal because one tiny crumb will feed a great deal of ants. Argentine ants are always looks for something sweet to eat, but they also eat termites – so if you see argentine ants you might have a larger problem.

 Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are more than just a nuisance as they are a wood destroying insect.  Wood-destroying insects can be an enormous problem if unaddressed. The structure of your property is mostly wood and the furniture inside can also be damaged.

Carpenter ants, like flying termites, are both known as swarmers. They migrate from current colonies to mate and start new colonies.  Annually during the spring, they fly away to mate. Otherwise they are nesting in their home made from your wood.  They do not eat the wood, rather than burrow within it, and tunnel can be easily spotted by tiny bits of mulched-up wood near entrances to their homes. If you see these carpenter ants, or any wood-destroying pests, call A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. to protect the integrity of your home and/or business.


Some may dismiss their ant problem because they are technically a nuisance pest, but some species of ants (carpenter ants) enjoy gnawing on electrical wiring which is a fire hazard.  We will inspect wires and wiring within appliances if a carpenter ant infestation is detected nearby.


Fire Ants

This ant species stands out because it is a biter – and a painful bite too.  The one ant in Southern California that hurts when you get bitten is the fire ant. The fire ant bite is described as mildly painful, but usually when bitten, you have disturbed the whole colony and can expect more-than-one bite from more-than-one fire ant. When fire ants bite together, they can cause an extreme amount of pain for about twenty minutes. Hydrocortisone cream, triple antibiotic ointment, and an oral antihistamine (diphenhydramine and loratadine) are treatments to help with some relief from the very painful bites. If dizziness, trouble breathing, or pain does not go away medical attention should be taken.

Ant Prevention Tips

Keep food in tightly sealed containers

Sweep crumbs up well – don’t give ants a reason to move in.

Move furniture around the house often while cleaning. Keep track of where problems might be lurking.

Fix leaky pipes.  Small drips and tiny puddles are fantastic water sources for small pests.


Instead of being an ant exterminator when there is an ant infestation A-1 focuses on:

Inspection – we inspect to shine light on how ants are getting onto your property.  We suggest the best ways to remedy shortfalls in how your home is sealed.

Elimination – ridding your home or business using the most efficient methods available to quickly eliminate the pests from your home.

Maintenance – the key to good pest control is to inspect and detect pests before they become a problem. Ask about our ongoing pest maintenance plans.

Contact us today instead of an “ant exterminator” and we will take care of your problem, guaranteed!


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