9 Ways Termites Can Destroy Your Home’s Value

Everyone knows that termites eat wood and that most houses have wood in them. However, you might not realize all the kinds of damage they can cause. The following are ways termites can destroy your home’s value both while you are living in it and when you are ready to sell it.

  1. Damages to the Structure

Termites eat the wood that supports your home. As the termites chew through all the wood parts of your home, the structure weakens. You might notice that doors are hard to open and close. Also, windows might stick. Floor joists might sag, subflooring warp, laminate tiles curl up, and walls begin to buckle. Unfortunately, if this happens, the value of your home is already lower.

  1. Decrease Long-Term Value

If you plan on staying in your home for the long term, you have every reason to keep it free of termites. You want the value of your home to at least stay stable and possibly increase substantially. Unfortunately, termites can thwart your plans of staying in your home. Plus, your home probably will not give you the satisfaction you anticipated when you bought it if you do stay.

  1. Large Repair Costs

Suppose you do have a termite infestation. Next, you hire someone to inspect then treat your property. However, you have more problems than termites. You also have damaged parts of your home that need repairs. Thus, you not only pay for the treatment, but you also have to deal with the high cost of repairs.

inspect structure of building before buying
  1. Creates Extra Work When Renovating

When you renovate your home, you enjoy the excitement of creating a new look and increased functionality. But when your renovations uncover termites, it adds another layer of work to your project. First, you have to hire a pest control company to stop the damage. Then, before your contractor can begin the building process, they have to address the termite damage. This work may include repairing or even replacing some parts of the structure. Now, your project takes longer and costs considerably more.

  1. Destruction Beyond the Structure

Did you know that termites eat more than the wood structures of homes? They also chew up anything made of cellulose. That might include drywall, some types of carpet, paper, and even plastic. Also, they damage your wood furniture and can destroy trees and fences on your property. Sadly, when termites damage these things, your home seems less comfortable to live in and presents an unsightly appearance.

  1. Lowers Value on the Real Estate Market

When you sell your home, you will likely need to get a termite inspection. If the inspector discovers termites, you need to treat for them before you sell your home. Additionally, you will need to get the property reinspected after the treatment is complete if you want to get the best possible price for your home. Even if you deal with a termite infestation early, that could reduce the price you can get by 20% or even more.

house for sale but termite are decreasing the homes value
  1. Discourages Buyers

Of course, you want to get the best price for your home. Before that happens, though, you have to find a buyer who wants to consider purchasing it. As a matter of fact, that may be your biggest hurdle. Buyers may run the minute they find out you have had termites. So, you may not even get to the bargaining stage.

  1. Adds More Paperwork During the Selling Process

Paperwork during a home sale can be substantial. Even worse, when you have had termites, you will need to get it reinspected. What is more, you may have to get inspected multiple times if it stays on the market for long. In addition, once you have had termites, you will have to be vigilant to ensure that they stay gone until you get your house sold. Finally, you will have to create a package providing all the details of the termite inspections, treatments, and subsequent repairs.

  1. Makes Your Home Look Ugly

When termites cause damage and deterioration, your home looks worn-out and ugly. That means you will not be as satisfied when you come home. You might feel embarrassed when visitors notice that damage. Besides that, an unsightly home probably won’t attract the best offers if you decide to sell it.

termites decrease homes value by make wood ugly and unusable

Here at A-1 Bonded Termite, we can help you keep the value of your home. Of course, prevention offers the best solution. Yet, even if you already have some termite damage, immediate treatment helps preserve the value of your home still has.

Unfortunately, termites can cause considerable cost and trouble. Fortunately, you can turn to us to help you eliminate termite worries now and in the future.



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