5 Fumigation Facts

When it comes to pest control techniques, there are so many options available that it can seem overwhelming at first to decide which is best. Many different factors go into it, like infestation size, type of pests, location of the infestation, and so many more.

One of the oldest and most trusted ways to rid your home of a pest infestation is through fumigation. This process is highly laboring and isn’t used nearly as much today due to the development of modern pest control products and applicators.

Fumigation consists of placing a tent over a whole home, sealing the home wholly, and then pumping the house full of gas that will work its way through the home. This process is for extreme infestations that various other methods will not handle because the infestation is large and out of hand or within places other methods cannot reach.

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    Fact #1

    Fumigating is Highly Effective

    Though fumigation isn’t the go-to option to treating a house, it 100% effective in eliminating all drywood termites. The reason professionals haven’t ultimately ruled it out is because fumigation has an incredibly high success rate.

    Fumigation is often able to get into places that most other pest control products can’t quite reach. Often, pests will nest inside wall voids and other home areas that would require tearing walls and overall demolition work. However, fumigation can penetrate through walls, under the carpet, into attics and crawl spaces, and get anywhere a pest may be hiding.

    Modern pest control methods require the pest to come to the bait or walk across a treated area to work, but fumigation instead seeks out the problem and stops them in their place.

    Fact #2

    You Have to Prepare

    Unfortunately, like everything great in life, you have to prepare for it is the law. As impressive as fumigation is, it does require that you and your family prepare for it to get the best possible result. Fumigating is exceptionally invasive. You don’t want to go through the whole process to still have signs of pests running around.

    Removing all potted plants, calling the gas company and having them shut off your gas supply, and opening all the doors and windows are just some things you need to do to prepare. This process will take a couple of days, so having somewhere to go is required.

    Everyone, pets included, has to be gone, and every single door and window needs to remain open. Your pest professional performing the fumigation will walk you through everything you need before they even begin setting up the tent.

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    Fact #3

    Modern Fumigate Doesn’t Leave Behind Residue

    Before you can even re-enter your home, the professionals performing the fumigation will need to walk through and give the all-clear. For this reason, it makes the process a couple of days because they want to ensure that it’s safe for you and your family to come back home.

    Compared to other pest control methods, the nice thing about using fumigation is it doesn’t leave a residue. Since the fumigation does not leave any residue, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your whole house after getting the “all clear” from the technician.


    Fact #4

    Infestation Size Matters

    Each home is unique in structure and infestations. No one house is the same, and no one infestation is the same. Infestations vary in size, location, and type of pests, along with colony size. The contents in the house and other details make each home unique, which is why size does matter.

    There isn’t a standard stock amount of fumigating for every home, at A-1 Bonded Termite, we use just enough product to destroy the infestation successfully. We inspect the infestation and take measurements on the home to determine how much fumigant will be needed.

    fumigation for severe termite damages

    Fact #5

    Don’t DIY Fumigate

    Fumigation is a very serious process that should never be done without a professional. You have to consider many factors when performing home fumigation. The whole process is carefully monitored and regulated by licensed professionals.

    Many people turn to DIY alternatives when it comes to their pest control options. Still, fumigation is for the professionals’ hands. In fact, in many places, fumigation is not allowed to be performed unless it’s by a licensed professional.

    When looking for a fumigation professional, turn to A-1 Bonded Termite for everything you need. We are licensed professionals that will perform the service right the first time, so you and your family can get back to living life comfortably in your own home.