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Keep Rodents Away 

Here are 4 ways to keep rodents away from your home, boats, and businesses.

Steel wool installed and sealed by A-1 Bonded Termite

1. Block Entry Points

If you happen to notice any holes on the interior or exterior of your home, we recommend calling a trained technician to assess the entry points, as proper precautions must be taken in order to avoid diseases that rodent infestations can leave behind.   Often, pest technicians will permanently block (or seal off) these holes with sealant or steel wool. Mice and Rats are unable to chew through steel wool without causing themselves harm, and airflow can still travel through important exhaust ducts.

2. Manage Shrubbery

Ensure to trim any gardens, tree branches, and shrubbery that are in contact with your home, as these can be entry-ways or “bridges” into your house. As well as acting as a “bridge,” foliage can also be considered a hiding spot for any rodents that may be trying to enter your home.





keep rodents away by managing  yard,  lawn, and shrubbery

3. Eliminate Food Source

Like all living things, mice and rats require a food source to avoid starvation. They consume expired food, pet food or rodent-free, and foods that we consider to be delicious. Avoid them feeding off your garbage. It is recommended to place lids on top of your garbage cans, and to make sure there is not any loose garbage near you. Another way to avoid rodents is to store your foods in glass containers with a sealable lid. Doing this will help to ensure that rodents are not getting into your dry foods.

4. Practice Cleanliness

Families that are slow to clean spilled beverages, food crumbs, clutter are at risk of a rodent infestation. Lack of hygiene can result in rodents entering your home because they believe a food source is available. If there is clutter on your floors, this can act as a place for rodents to hide. If possible, try to give your home a thorough cleaning at least once a week to avoid any unwanted visitors from the rodent family. Whether it is rat control or repelling mice.

If you have practiced the preventative methods above, and happen to see any rodents within your property, please make sure to call or contact A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. for an inspection today. Our professionals will diligently inspect your property for rodents, assess entry points, provide treatment, and will include instructions on how to avoid rodents in the future. We perform Specialty Pest Control in Anaheim, Brea, Fullerton, Santa Ana, Long Beach, and most of Orange County and San Bernardino County.