A Guide through the Fumigation Process

These instructions are basic information to guide you through the fumigation process. Please use this in addition to the "OCCUPANTS FUMIGATION NOTICE AND PESTICIDE DISCLOSURE", “How to use Nylofume bags”, or “Know what needs to be bagged” information sheets.

Fumigation timeline chart to assist you in scheduling your fumigation.

Day #1
Tarps Up
Day #2
(tarps still on)
DAY #3
(tarps come off)
(Make appt w/Gas Co.)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday by 6pm Thursday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday by 6pm Friday
Wednesday Thursday Friday by 6pm Saturday
Thursday Friday Saturday by 6pm Monday
Friday (see Note below) Saturday Monday by 6pm Tuesday
Saturday (see Note below) Monday Tuesday by 6pm Wednesday

This schedule chart is for a guide only, schedules may vary. This guide does not account for holidays.

Note: We do not work on Sunday, so any fumigation that is scheduled for Friday or Saturday will result in one additional day with the tarps on the structure. This dramatically increases the risk for break-in or vandalism and is strongly discouraged.

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Gas Company Procedures - The gas must be turned off by the Gas Company prior to the fumigation. A-1 Fumigation will schedule the turn off and you will need to call them to “restore” your service. Please make sure that full access to the gas meter is available. Any pets or locked gates near the gas meter could prevent them from getting to the gas meter. If the Gas Company refuses to shut off the gas, the fumigation will need to be rescheduled. Any repairs or modifications necessary to turn off or restore the service will be at owner’s expense.

The owner, occupant, or agent is responsible for contacting the Gas Company to restore the gas service. The Gas Company requires advance notice to restore the gas service and someone must be home to meet the Gas Company technician. SO CAL GAS COMPANY recommends that you call at least 48 hours in advance to restore your gas. LONG BEACH UTILITIES recommends that you call at least 5 days in advance to restore your gas. To restore service call your provider below:

SO CAL GAS COMPANY (800) 427-2200

Upon certification that the structure is safe for re-entry, the fumigator will place a “Notice to Re-Enter” on or by the front door. This notice must be provided to the Gas Company in order for gas restoration to occur.


Certain preparations must be done prior to the fumigation crew arrival by the owner, owner's agent or occupant/tenant.

  • Schedule a date and time with A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. for your fumigation and return all necessary forms. Mandatory forms are: Work Authorization Contract, Occupants Notice of Fumigation, and Security/Vandalism Waiver. You may be asked to sign a plant release, roof release, and/or neighbor release if your property particulars warrant these releases and permission. Be sure to provide emergency numbers and alternate contact persons.
  • Whenever possible, please make yourself available on Day #1 of the fumigation process. This allows us the opportunity to ask questions and so that you may share any unique, fragile, or sensitive condition that pertains to your fumigation such as emergency phone number, location of your gas meter, electrical circuit breaker and water shut-off. Other precautions may include structural integrity problems such as patio covers, roofing, rain gutters, antennas, solar panels, skylights, satellite dishes, and landscape. There is no way to predict if any damage may occur during the fumigation process, the fumigator assumes no liability for incidental damages.
  • Electricity must be available as it is required to run fans during the fumigation process. If there is not electricity available on the day of the fumigation, this will result in rescheduling the job and a trip charge incurred.
  • The owner/agent must advise the fumigation crew about the presence of any construction elements, conduits, drains, or vacuum systems that could allow for the passage of the fumigant from the structure being fumigated to any adjacent or adjoining structure(s), thereby connecting them.
  • It is mandatory to provide access to all rooms, garages, sheds, safes, and storage compartments. Make arrangements to provide keys and controllers on the day of fumigation. All keys and controllers provided will be returned after the property is certified safe for re-entry. Please instruct us where to return the key and/or controllers. If access is not provided, this will result in rescheduling the job and a trip charge incurred.
  • AUTOMOBILES and BOATS must be removed from garages and carports or left open (including the trunk) for visual inspection and aeration. If automobiles or boats are not removed or left open for inspection, this will result in rescheduling the job and a trip charge incurred.
  • All cabinets, drawers, closets and interior doors must be opened during the fumigation process. Raise blinds, open drapes, and attic vents.
  • Make arrangements for all living things includingpeople, plants, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish aquariums, etc.to be removed from your property before the fumigation date. This includes fenced yards and closing off any open access to the sub-area to prevent any pets or animals from entering. The safety of pets and animals (including strays) are priority and in the event that one is missing or suspected in the structure, the job may be rescheduled and a trip of incurred.
  • All items for human consumption (such as foods, feed, beverages, dental products, drugs, and medicines), which are not intact in the original manufacturer’s airtight containers (such as sealed glass or metal), must be removed from the structure prior to fumigation or double bagged in Nylofume bags that are provided by A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. (See Know what Needs to be Bagged &Nylofume bagging instructions in this packet). Homes not properly prepared may be subject to additional bagging charges of $20.00/double bag OR un-bagged or improperly bagged items could be considered waste and will be removed from the structure. Before items are discarded and/or additional charges are incurred, we make every effort to contact the responsible party and resolve the issue.
  • The food inside refrigerators and freezers must also be placed in Nylofume bags that are provided by A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. (See Know what Needs to be Bagged &Nylofume bagging instructions in this packet).
  • All mattresses and pillows with waterproof covers should be removed if possible. Plastic enclosed baby mattresses should be removed from the property.
  • All heating elements must be unplugged (heaters, pianos, organs, etc.)
  • Cut back shrubbery and tree branches, climbing vines attached to walls, fences, and roofs to prevent damage. The Tree limbs growing over the roof must also be trimmed back. Allow enough space for the tent to fall freely to the ground around the structure (minimum 18 inches clearance). Although the tarps must fall, the fumigator must also walk and work within the planters surrounding the structure to achieve the ground seal. The fumigator will exercise due care but assumes no responsibility for damage to shrubbery, vines, plants, plumbing, electrical, roof, or other damage that may occur during the fumigation process.
  • When grass is present within 2 feet of a covered structure (patios, grass up to wall of structure) it may be necessary to remove the grass in order to achieve an adequate ground seal for the fumigation process. Unfortunately this will harm the grass and is avoided whenever possible. If you think your grass may be too close to the covered structure, please ask.
  • Thoroughly water the ground around shrubs and plants located adjacent to the structure.
  • Remove potted plants, yard items and debris away from the exterior walls of the structure, patio, and porch areas.
  • Turn off controllers for security systems, air conditioners, night lights and sprinklers. We recommend you take any steps you feel necessary to prevent any damage to your property.
  • If fumigation procedures require access to a neighbor’s yard it is the responsibility of the owner/agent to properly notify the neighbor and obtain permission to pass by signing a provided release. This permission is including but not limited to plant damage. It will also be required that the neighbor restrict any animals from coming near the fumigation tarps.
  • Take proper security measures. Some recommendations during the fumigation process are: take valuables and sentimental items with you to a secure place; hire on-site security; contact local law enforcement officials to request extra patrols; drive by the property several times especially later in evenings and early in mornings; contact local neighborhood watch or trusted neighbors to monitor your property; make arrangements to set your home alarm and provide a temporary code to the fumigator (motion detectors and some windows must be disabled).
  • During the fumigation and aeration procedure, the company will not be held responsible for vandalism, theft, or breaking and entering.
DAY #1
  • On occupied properties, the gas company will arrive between 7-11am on the morning of the fumigation to turn off the gas. The gas company will place a tag on the gas meter to signify the gas line has been plugged. DO NOT REMOVE THIS TAG!! Please prepare to be without gas by 7am to avoid any inconvenience with hot water or cooking.
  • You will receive a call the day of the fumigation between 7-9am to notify you of the window to expect the fumigators to arrive. If you do not receive this call, please call A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. and we will notify you of your scheduled time window. We make every effort to arrive timely, however, there are unforeseen circumstances that could require us to change this time estimate.
  • Upon arrival, the licenseewill meet with owner/agent. Discuss any unique, fragile, or sensitive condition that pertains to your fumigation such as emergency phone number or may include structural integrity problems such as locks, patio covers, roofing, rain gutters, antennas, solar panels, skylights, satellite dishes, and landscape.
  • Licensed fumigator will inspect inside and outside to ensure proper preparation of all bagged food, plants, people, and animals.
  • If you are meeting the fumigation crew, be prepared to be present for 20-30 minutes after the arrival to answer any questions.
  • Licensed fumigator will open ALL interior doors, drawers, safes, and cabinets around the structure and strategically place fans to ensure circulation of the fumigant.
  • Licensed fumigator will set up fans inside of the house and remove attic cover.
  • All exterior doors will be locked and our company will add secondary locks at all entryways. Warning signs will be posted at specific locations.
  • After obtaining proper seals and preparing the interior by our licensee, the warning agent is applied. A proper dosage of Vikane is introduced to the structure within a pre-determined amount of time.
DAY #2
  • Arrive to structure to make sure tarps are still in place.
  • Plug in fan placed inside of structure connected to exhaust tube to begin aeration process.
DAY #3
  • Remove tarps from the structure and equipment gathered.
  • The licensee will test air samples from the interior living spaces around the structure with our specialized equipment.
  • As soon as it is determined that the structure is safe for re-entry, all secondary locks and warning signs will be removed.
  • Re-entry notice will be posted on or by the front door.
  • Keys and openers will be returned to the location of your choice.

This notice is provided to the owner, owner’s agent, and/or tenant of the premises for which the fumigation is to be done. One form must be signed by the owner/ occupant/tenant of the structure. In the instance of multiple unit structures, one form must be signed by the owner/occupant/tenant of each individual unit. The signed forms must be returned to A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. via email, fax, or mail before the scheduled date of fumigation. Forms not returned in time could cause the job to be rescheduled and a trip of incurred.


California Aeration Plan requires at least one operable external window in every room must be open at least three inches. If the structure has an attached garage, the door between the garage and the structure must be left open. The owner will be responsible for opening and securing the windows (at least three inches) prior to our crew arrival on the scheduled fumigation date. In the event that other operable windows need to be opened to meet this requirement, the fumigator will open the window(s) unless the owner has given instructions in writing to cancel or re-schedule the fumigation. The fumigation company does not imply or guarantee any security for windows they open and assumes no responsibility for burglary or vandalism.

The contractor shall not be liable, as to the completion of the work, for any delay which may be caused by reason or on account of inclement weather conditions, any strike of workmanship, unavoidable accidents, inability to secure materials or to use materials in the performance of the work by reason of laws or regulations of the State of California, or any other circumstance beyond their control. No such delay shall be deemed a default on the part of the contractor.

The owner or agent may reschedule the fumigation without penalty prior to our crew arrivalby the following methods:

  • Emailing at a1bondedtermite@yahoo.com
  • calling our office at (714) 502-9230
  • faxing confirmation to (714) 502-9232

For questions, concerns or scheduling information — call A1 Bonded Termite, Inc. at (714) 502-9230or email a1bondedtermiteyahoo.com