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Drywood Termite

The western drywood termites are most prevalent in Southern California but can also be found in Northern California and the Southern California desert. Drywood termites can be difficult to detect and live deep inside structural wood, furniture, fences, door and window frames, etc. Colonies can be widely dispersed and take years to mature. After the colony has matured, swarmers are produced to leave the colony and establish new colonies. Typically Drywood termites swarm between August and October as the weather becomes increasingly hot, but they can swarm anytime if the conditions are right. However, certain environmental conditions can trigger additional swarming activity such as heat, light, moisture conditions, and wind.

Drywood termites are weak flyers and only a small number of the swarmers survive to develop a new colony. The majority of the swarmers fall prey to predators or die from dehydration or injury. Drywood termites typically enter structures through attic vents, open windows/doors, foundation vents, or exhaust fans. Drywood termites will not enter wood that has a sound coat of paint.

Generally, the first sign of drywood termites to a homeowner is the evidence of fecal pellets or evidence of a termite swarm inside of the structure. If you think you have a termite infestation in your house, you need to call a structural pest control company to conduct a professional inspection. If your home is determined to have a termite infestation, there are two options: whole-house eradication (fumigaton/tenting) or locally treating the areas of infestation. Your termite inspector will recommend an individualized treatment plan specific to your home.

Treatment for Drywood Termites

If your termite inspection reveals that your home has drywood termites A-1 Bonded Termite, Inc. offers the following methods of treatment:

If the infestation is widespread or inaccessible areas (this is the most common treatment for drywood termites).

Minor infestations easily accessible or structures where fumigation is not practical or attached structures such as condominium or town homes.

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